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Sucky day to finish off a sucky week. Paged at 5am. Didn't bother going back to sleep but got up to go install a card in a disk array. That wouldn't work because Dell are too hopeless to tell us it wouldn't. I did make one or two things work before killing a computer completely when trying to flash its bios. Then to top it all off I couldn't even play a nice game of unreal because my desktop computer simply turns itself off after ten minutes of playing. It was all too much and I just came home.

Maybe I'll just have a little vodka and coke and try and forget about it all.

Damned Dell

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Did you know that you can't mix Ultra 160 EMM cards with Ultra 320 EMM cards?

We have a 220s with four ultra 160 disks and an ultra 160 EMM card. We said to Dell, "we want to upgrade it, put new disks in, and a new EMM so that we can split it between two different servers". So they sold us 7 ultra 320 disks and an ultra 320 EMM. Apparently nobody bothered to check whether 160 and 320 EMMS will work together. Well according to the documentation they don't.

So now we either need to source a 160 EMM, or upgrade the old one to a 320 and hope it all works.



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ok so I rarely get sick. And when I do get sick I rarely let it interfere with my social life. Which means I get pissed off when other people, or their kids, get sick and pike on doing stuff. Like dinner tonight which was meant to be a somewhat of a birthday celebration, and two of my best friends didn't show up. Yay. All you can do is drink wine and try and forget about it for a while. Thanks to George for the lovely cheese cake though.

I hate it with a passion sometimes. Especially when you're trying to do a simple @mailsend to include a doclink. I have this one database that simply will not send doclinks. It either sends the mail without the doclink, or doesn't send the mail at all. Frustration beyond belief.

Not to mention the ridiculousness of microsoft. XP sp2 has a bunch of new policy settings to manage the windows firewall. However they haven't release the ones for the servers yet. Which means if you want to manage how XP SP2's firewall is rolled out, you first have to install a beta on a client, grab the adm files from the client, and stick them on your production server, before sp2 is released to the world so your clients don't go off getting it by themselves before you've had a chance to download it to your sus server.


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