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Moving along

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Friday: Scotch Malt Whiskey Society tasting.  A lovely evening of nice whiskeys and great friends.



High Court


Saturday: went out to the club.  Chilled out, had a nice dinner by C&G, a bit of fun with cards (I might have won the plastic spoons - not the wooden spoons that the loser got :) ) and a lazy Sunday morning.

Sunday: not a lot.

We've watched three episodes so far of Rake on Netflix.  Netflix does seem to be working well, despite our crappy internet.  And I think the sweetie likes Rake heh.  

Busy couple of days at work.  

The housework is sliding a bit.

But I did also finish re-geotagging my Hong Kong and Taipei photos.  I can't actually remember even doing it last year.  But I must have.  Surely??  I think I'm getting dementia. :(


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Ate something *wrong* today - in my Subway sub.  Very wrong flavour, although it was swallowed pretty quickly, so I have no idea what it was.  But whatever it was I think did something funky to my bowels tonight... 

FridayQ: Culinary

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Friday, August 20th 2004...

FQ Topic: Culinary

FQ1: In addition to the dearly departed Julia Child, who is your favorite food personality?
Peter Russell Clarke!  Where's the cheese!?  ok so it's been thirty years since I watched anything of his.. 

FQ2: What meal would you have this culinary genius prepare for you if they asked?
Anything with cheese!

FQ3: If they refused, and you could eat at any restaurant you wanted as a consolation, which one would you choose?
Gosh.  Um.  I've still never been to Tetsuya's but always wanted to try it.. 

FQ KITCHEN: Share with us a favorite recipe or cooking tip.
Recipe: other than roast pork, one of my favorite recipes is potato bake - sliced potato, cream, cheese, bacon, cheese, garlic, more cheese
Tip: you can never have too much cheese!

Compare with last time ...

Last night, went to bed around 10ish, lights off 10:30ish.  Asleep midnightish.  Awake from hurty for a couple of hours from 1:30ish.  Awake again around 6:30ish.

I was a complete zombie today.  Really couldn't function at all.  I couldn't even enjoy drinks tonight.

Collapsed onto bed, but even then I couldn't pass out - too many itchies - damn my cursed skin/nerves.  

Do we want to take bets on how much sleep I'll get tonight?

Thursday night: after Wednesday night's insomnia I got to sleep quite quickly.  But then I woke up at around 3am on Friday morning and never got back to sleep.  Actually I lie.  I got up at 6:15 and made up a potato bake, and went back to bed while it cooked, and got about half an hour more sleep.

Friday: got home, spent three quarters of an hour packing the car up, then headed down the coast.  Arrived a bit after eight, fired up the spa, then realised the Sandy Foot pizza place closes at 8pm :(  So had potato bake for dinner.  Then went in the spa and stayed up entirely too late.  

Saturday: had a very slow start.  We might have all been a bit seedy.  Well ok not all of us.  D and F were suitably restrained and were only a bit tired heh.  I cooked some bacon and eggs for brunch, then we headed up to Myrtle Beach for a swim.  The water was nice and it was all very pleasant until we all got a bit out of our depth and then struggled to get back.  I managed ok, but I could see how easy it would be to panic.  Stu and C got a lot more stuck but were ok in the end.  Had some bubbly and some fruit on the beach, then had another quick dip before heading back.  

Beach bubbly

Stu at Myrtle Beach

Went into Bateman's Bay for dinner - to the Little Restaurant and Bar.  We'd been there before, and the food was just as good this time.  I had a very nice wagyu steak.  Went for a bit of a walk to walk off dinner, but ended up getting some ice cream for dessert.  Went in the spa again, but didn't stay up as late.

Little Restaurant and Bar flatbread

Little Restaurant and Bar sourdough

Little Restaurant and Bar wagyu steak

Bateman's Bay

Sunday: fairly early start.  Headed out around 9:15 and headed down to Armand's Beach.  But the weather closed in, so after a bit of a swim, we adjourned to shelter to have some bubbly and cheese (too cold for fruit).  Headed back to the beach a bit later for another quick swim.  Got some ice cream in Bermagui at the Gelati Clinic.  Then headed back to the house.  Chillaxed for a while, then ordered some pizzas for dinner.  Then we danced for a while to C's music before getting in the spa.  But after a long day we were pretty tired and were all in bed by 10pm.  Silly really.

Coast sunrise

Wallaga Lake bridge

Armands Beach

Monday: had a biggish breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and zucchini hash browns, then cleaned up the house then headed home.  I got part way through unpacking and doing some washing, before heading up to Mount Rogers to kill a layered blue field (good for the step count though).  Then a quiet evening just gathering ourselves.

Coast sunrise

Tuesday: back to reality.  Downloaded all my photos, but haven't chosen any for the blog yet.  This will probably get updated at some point in the future :)

It certainly feels like it.  Stoopid insomnia kept me awake til like 1am (after lights out at 10:30pm).  Blerf.

Maybe I should have a nightcap to assure some sleep...

Went over to EffanC's place last night and had some very yummy pizza.

Then watched Kiki's Delivery Service, because I'd never actually seen it.

Quite a nice way to end the weekend, better than my usual Sunday night depression.

Because today was CRAP.  Neil should never be allowed to go on leave :/  Was grumpy most of the day and every little thing was making me grumpier.

Friday:  watched The Lego Movie with the sweetie (got a super awesome deal from JB HiFi cause they'd mucked up a specials deal, and it came out in my favour :) )

Saturday: quiet day, not much, watched tv, docos, sorting crap out, painting etc.  Watched Monsters Inc on tv, because that always seems more logical that popping in the Blu-Ray .... hrmm

Sunday: also pretty quiet.  Went for a walk with the sweetie to do an Ingress mission.  Went to Mishi's in the evening for a lot of chatting, and a game of Pandemic, which was a bit complicated but we somehow managed to win.  We'd need to play it a few more times to get the hang of the strategy.


Monday: got up at stoopid o'clock to see the balloons (sadly there was a bit of fog around so they took off and all but disappeared).  Watched My Girl on tv and docos while painting.  

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Canberra Balloon Fiesta 2015

Team Blank!!

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Had a work trivia night last night.  We came second by one point.

Best.  Outcome.  Ever.

You see the trick is to not actually win these things - because otherwise you need to run the next one.  And they're an awful lot of work.  But second place you still win a prize to make your night break even.

I could only claim one point where I knew the answer but noone else did (largest freshwater lake by volume - Lake Baikal).  And there were a few we knew because we'd done them ourselves in previous trivia nights :)

So thanks Duncan, DC, Doc, Neil, Lorna and Remy for a fun night :)


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So spent the beginning and the end of the weekend swimming with EffanC.

Friday night was a club swim night at a private indoor pool.  Which should be nice in winter.  Except.  The room has terrible acoustics, which meant it got very loud with not many people.  And then people started pegging balls at each other which made it all kinds of tedious.  But then some people left and it quieted down which made it nicer.  Went back to EffanC's and we had some wine and cheese and watched Peter Jackson's Braindead, which apparently used the most fake blood in a movie ever.  But the horror was all so cheesy and fake that it didn't bother me.  Then a couple of episodes of The Katering Show which was hilarious.

Saturday was very quiet, just housework and painting and tv.

Sunday we did some food shopping and then more of the same.  In the evening we met up with EffanC for dinner.  We were going to go to Kinh Do, but it was booked out, so ended up at Chong Co.  

Chong Co spring rolls

Chong Co satay chicken

Chong Co pad thai

Chong Co soft shelled crab

Then back to our place for a chilly swim.

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