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So spent the beginning and the end of the weekend swimming with EffanC.

Friday night was a club swim night at a private indoor pool.  Which should be nice in winter.  Except.  The room has terrible acoustics, which meant it got very loud with not many people.  And then people started pegging balls at each other which made it all kinds of tedious.  But then some people left and it quieted down which made it nicer.  Went back to EffanC's and we had some wine and cheese and watched Peter Jackson's Braindead, which apparently used the most fake blood in a movie ever.  But the horror was all so cheesy and fake that it didn't bother me.  Then a couple of episodes of The Katering Show which was hilarious.

Saturday was very quiet, just housework and painting and tv.

Sunday we did some food shopping and then more of the same.  In the evening we met up with EffanC for dinner.  We were going to go to Kinh Do, but it was booked out, so ended up at Chong Co.  

Chong Co spring rolls

Chong Co satay chicken

Chong Co pad thai

Chong Co soft shelled crab

Then back to our place for a chilly swim.

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