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Last weekend was such a long time ago I've forgotten what we did.

Cheese and bacon balls



On the Saturday morning we went and dropped off @CLBradley's car (thanks heaps Chris!) then we went into the city for brunch.  Had smashed eggs at Mocan and Green Grout (super yummy), and a lemon meringue tart at A. Baker (even yummier!).

Mocan and Green Grout smashed eggs

Stu and hot sauce

A Baker lemon meringue tart

After that we wandered around for a while hacking portals, then did our food shopping and came home.  

Can't remember what I did all afternoon, but in the evening cooked the coq au vin.

Sunday was a complete nothing day.  Didn't do lots of things I was wanting to do which was somewhat annoying.

Work this week was even crazier that the past few weeks.  Spent three days fighting with a problem that I should have known better about.  *sigh*.  Got everything working by Thursday though, so Friday was much more relaxed.

After work on Friday I went into town to meet the sweetie and we went to Molly and by some stroke of luck found a table.  We shared a couple of whiskeys and a yummy meat platter.


Molly meat platter

Saturday morning was spent food shopping and cleaning the house, and then getting dinner ready before Marc and Jo arrived.  Tragically the morning was bright and sunny with blue skies, but by the time they arrived it was freezing and pouring with rain.  So we went for a drive around Canberra highlights, but didn't even get out of the car.  Mount Ainslie was completely enveloped in cloud.  Oops.  Told them they need to come back again and stay longer and see the place in sunlight.

Got home and nibbled on cheese and stuff and chatted for a while, and looked at some of our holiday slideshows, and played a couple of games of Buzz.

Cheese platter

Dinner was a beef stew that had been going all afternoon.  It was yumm.  No pics of the finished product unfortunately.

Then we played a little singstar before crashing before midnight.

This morning we went to Pulp Kitchen for breakfast and luckily got a table.  I had my favourite - breakfast raclette with sides of Pulp Kitchen bacon and streaky bacon.

Breakfast raclette

Came home then Marc and Jo left to go home.

So had to put on some John Williams so that I wouldn't slump into a heap.

Sydney Week

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Last Sunday I borrowed @CLBradley's car and headed up to Sydney.  Got it down to 7.0L/100km which is pretty decent.

Hacked some portals while I waited for mum to get home from her lunch.  We did a bit of cable de-ending, and pulling stuff out of the back alcove.  Dinner was scotch fillet steak.

Monday night we went out to celebrate Mum's birthday at the Tradies.  I had bbq pork ribs which were amazing, but I couldn't finish them, so brought the leftovers home.

bbq pork ribs

Mum's birthday

We didn't do any more garage cleaning that night.

Tuesday was takoyaki day at Sushi and Grill.  This time I had it with grilled pork dumplings.  They were ok, but a bit difficult to manipulate with chopsticks.

Grilled pork dumplings

After work I met up with Marc and Jo for a drink at Jet in the QVB, which turned into several drinks and then dinner.  A great fun night.

Partly demolished garlic bread
Partly demolished garlic bread

Supreme pizza.  Sadly we ended up getting too full to finish it :(
Jet supreme pizza

Calamari - yum
Jet calamari

We didn't do any garage cleaning that night.

Wednesday was Peking Duck with @StuartCRyan.  We decided to be sensible this time and only have the pancakes, and get the san choi bow as takeaway.  So we didn't stuff ourselves silly for a change.

Peking duck

Work has been *insane* the last little while.  On Wednesday I was just about to go catch a train home when I got smsed by henrch to ask me to stay and help fix an app.  I sat there for two hours with next to no communication from the developer, which was super super frustrating.  And when I could finally escape I was in a rush to catch a train, so forgot about the san choi bow in the fridge :(:(:(  Hopefully my colleague remembered to take it.

We didn't do any garage cleaning that night.

In the end I decided to stay the night in Sydney, and go home the next morning.  Of course I was grumpy and stressed about work wasn't I, so couldn't sleep, and then got up at 4:30am the next morning to go home.  So I was pretty much a zombie the next day.  Went to bed at 8:30pm on Thursday night.


June Long Weekend

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Yeah it's been that kind of couple of weeks.

On the Saturday of the long weekend, Stu made a Cantonese custard with pork mince.  It was yummy!  But quite a lot of effort.

Cantonese custard with pork mince

Sunday morning we had brunch at the Coffee Club, although it was so late I had an early lunch.

Coffee club calamari

Then we went to the poultry show at Epic.  We didn't think it was still on at first because there was hardly anyone around at Epic.  But as it turned out, it was on, just in a smaller pavilion.  Apparently there'd been a bit of a faction split of some kind, and a lot of people weren't there.  We saw a whole heap of Kath's chookens that had won prizes.  Hers are very friendly chickies that don't mind being patted.

Long duck

Stu and a duck

Cute chickie

Kath's fluffball

Kath's chickie

Dunny brush chickie

Pretty chickie

Fluffy chickie

Nice goose

Then did our food shopping and came home.

On the Sunday night we had "Effan C" over for dinner.  I did the boeuf bourguignon, and prior to that we had quite the little party of cheeses.  And afterwards we sampled quite a few of our whiskeys.  And there might have been singstar that went til 2am!


Monday was mostly just culling down Turkey photos for sending out to people.

In the evening we went to Stu's sensei's place for shabu shabu beef.  Yumm.

Shabu shabu beef

Crazy Week

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This week was thoroughly insane.  We did manage to get a lunch in at Zierholz, but other than that it was super super busy all week.  

Last night I managed to escape and I picked up Stu's car, then him, then we went to the Dumpling Inn for dinner.  Shredded beef peking style and combination chow mein - our usual dishes.

Today I did a bit of housework, a bit of monitoring some testing, and then a pile of my own testing.  This afternoon we went out to hack some portals and climbed Mt Rogers.  Hopefully all the fresh air and exercise will help us sleep tonight.

The sweetie


Belconnen from Mt Rogers


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The craziness at work continues.  By 3pm I was asking if it was beer o'clock yet.

Didn't have any beer, but did have some lemon tea in these cute little cups, both of which I got in Turkey.

Turkish Lemon Tea

Not that there's actually any tea in the powedered drinks I got in Turkey.  It's just sugar and flavours (I got lemon, apple and pomegranite).  And the silly thing is, they serve it with sugar cubes - but the drink is already super sweet as it is!


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Have had a super busy couple of days at work.  But most of that has been doing (or procrastinating doing) paperwork.  I'd much rather be *doing* than writing about what I'm doing so it's a tad frustrating.  But hopefully things will improve soon...

Also, today was the first day this year that I felt like I should have worn a jacket .. Canberra has been *that* mild this year..

Been a bit of a boozy few days.

On Thursday, and dude from McLaren Vale came up to offer a wine tasting, mainly for the bar, but for others as well.  So a small group of us partook.  There were five whites, a muscato, a rose, four reds, a dessert wine, a tawny "port" and a "Delight" - which is much like a Baileys.  It was a fun night, had a taste of some lovely boutique wines, and I bought a mixed case of things.

Wine Tasting

Yesterday we went along to Whisky Live.  $99 for 100 whiskys in three and a half hours.  Stu and I shared tastes to start with, so we could try more things.  But then it got a bit complicated trying to have any working method of working the room, so I ended up wandering around by myself towards the end.  There was an ample supply of hot food (cheesy risotto balls!) as well which was great.  A fantastic event, I'd be interested in going again next year.

Whisky Live

Afterwards we went over to F&C's (who were also at Whisky Live) for a yummy moussaka.  And I ate blue cheese for the first time since 1987 (I've had it a couple of times on pizza, but it's a bit different cooked).  Then we watched Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy.  But I just didn't *get* it.  It was funny reading reviews on IMDB as well - people either loved it or hated it.  I'm on the hated it side heh.

Today was fairly quiet.  I finished geotagging my holiday photos, and have started culling them down.


Kit bought three more chickens and two ducks today ..

More chickies


This afternoon I was craving a roast dinner, but we had nothing to roast, so I popped over to the markets to get something.

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