Another week goes by ..

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Last weekend was such a long time ago I've forgotten what we did.

Cheese and bacon balls



On the Saturday morning we went and dropped off @CLBradley's car (thanks heaps Chris!) then we went into the city for brunch.  Had smashed eggs at Mocan and Green Grout (super yummy), and a lemon meringue tart at A. Baker (even yummier!).

Mocan and Green Grout smashed eggs

Stu and hot sauce

A Baker lemon meringue tart

After that we wandered around for a while hacking portals, then did our food shopping and came home.  

Can't remember what I did all afternoon, but in the evening cooked the coq au vin.

Sunday was a complete nothing day.  Didn't do lots of things I was wanting to do which was somewhat annoying.

Work this week was even crazier that the past few weeks.  Spent three days fighting with a problem that I should have known better about.  *sigh*.  Got everything working by Thursday though, so Friday was much more relaxed.

After work on Friday I went into town to meet the sweetie and we went to Molly and by some stroke of luck found a table.  We shared a couple of whiskeys and a yummy meat platter.


Molly meat platter

Saturday morning was spent food shopping and cleaning the house, and then getting dinner ready before Marc and Jo arrived.  Tragically the morning was bright and sunny with blue skies, but by the time they arrived it was freezing and pouring with rain.  So we went for a drive around Canberra highlights, but didn't even get out of the car.  Mount Ainslie was completely enveloped in cloud.  Oops.  Told them they need to come back again and stay longer and see the place in sunlight.

Got home and nibbled on cheese and stuff and chatted for a while, and looked at some of our holiday slideshows, and played a couple of games of Buzz.

Cheese platter

Dinner was a beef stew that had been going all afternoon.  It was yumm.  No pics of the finished product unfortunately.

Then we played a little singstar before crashing before midnight.

This morning we went to Pulp Kitchen for breakfast and luckily got a table.  I had my favourite - breakfast raclette with sides of Pulp Kitchen bacon and streaky bacon.

Breakfast raclette

Came home then Marc and Jo left to go home.

So had to put on some John Williams so that I wouldn't slump into a heap.

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