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An ongoing project of mine is scanning photos.  At the moment I'm scanning Mum's photos of our trip to Western Australia in 1984.  This morning I scanned this photo of the Leaning Tower of Albany - a replica of the Leaning Tower of Pisa in a guy's back yard.

Leaning Tower of Albany

At the time, the tower was two years old - it apparently having been built in 1982.

This is what the tower and the dude who built it looked like in 2006.

And this is what the tower looked like in 2011.

And here's Google Street View of it in 2015.

So the dude who built it, Aldo Scamozzi, is apparently still alive, and still living in the same house.  The National Library even interviewed him once.

Fun times!


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I liked the way a shaft of light fell across my notebook in a training course a while back


Sitting in civic in the rain waiting for the sweetie to pick up a package from the post office.  The trees looked pretty through a wet windscreen

Rain squiggles

This was at the Labor Club.  They called this a "light" meal, but there was nothing light about it.  Fries, topped with cheese and bacon and baked.  Epic awesome but we couldn't finish it (I even had help).  I'd have been better off getting the chicken kiev..

Labor club light meal


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A huge moth that was doing a really terrible job of camouflaging itself on our brickwork

Big moth

Miss M and her little mop

Miss M and her mop

Some of Kit's duck eggs, possibly containing two, one and zero yolks

Duck eggs

Sleeping buddies

Sleeping buddies

This is the rooster that wakes David up when he comes to stay


My three black neon tetras, and some of the rummy nose tetras.  Those little black neon tetras are nine years old.  What a spinout!

Little fishies

George came by the other week and found a nice place in the sun to warm up






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I've had this plant since I was a teenager.  The original plant has probably been in the family for much longer.  When I was in uni I used to do a lot more gardening, and evicted this plant to a rock crevice next to my garden, since ribbon grass has a habit of taking over as much space as you give it.  I never thought it would survive, but survive it did for twenty odd years.  It's still there last I looked.  Before mum went and sold the house. hrmm.  Anyway, a few years back I took an offshoot of it.  They don't grow very well in Canberra (too cold for them) but they do well enough inside.  So I have several now, because it's very happy and keeps sending off new shoots.

Ribbon grass

Ribbon grass flowers only last a day

Ribbon grass flower

And this is a salad I got from the farmer's markets in Bungendore a while back.  The tomato I added, but it had fun things in it like nasturtiums and flowers.  It was a fun, tasty little salad.

Fun salad

Truckin' Along

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The other week when I came home from Sydney, I joined the Hume Highway off Picton Road and merged in behind a truck.  So I sat and followed it.  I wasn't in any particular hurry so just sat behind it the whole way.  Well, until it pulled off to the heavy vehicle checking station at Marulan that is, then I was on my own and did a lot closer to the speed limit.  

Tonight I downloaded the GPS track from that trip, and at first I was puzzled at the change of speed I did along the Hume.  Until I remembered the truck.

Truckin' Along

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