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New Toy

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We went and picked up Stu's new toy yesterday.  I think he likes it :)

Stu's new car

Zone 3

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Yesterday as a team building exercise, we ran around shooting each other... :)

So.  Much.  Fun.


Laser tag

There were fifteen of us all up, so we split into three teams of five.

I did pretty badly the first game, being quite cautious and hiding in good places.  But the problem with that was there weren't too many people around to get, so I didn't get many points.  I came 14/15

Laser tag

The second game I did a lot better - walking around a lot more and getting more people.  This time I came 7/15 :)

Laser tag

Definitely something we're all interested in doing again (and hopefully it won't be in five and a half years - it's been that long since the last time I played it!)

Recent Jigsaws

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Some more recent jigsaws

Mt Rainier jigsaw

Cradle Mountain jigsaw

Lighthouse jigsaw

Have seen balloons (and frost) a few times this week.

Frost and balloons

On Monday morning it was *cold*.  Freezing in fact.  The ice was so thick on the tub of water out the back that I have no idea how thick it actually was.  It held up a potplant with no effort.


There was slight freezage of the pool that morning, but just a few crystals.  Same with this morning.

George came by yesterday and said hi to the fish.

George and the fish


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Galah at Aranda Oval


Magpie lark at the Lighty

Magpie Lark at the Lighty

Pelican being chased by a raven at Lake Ginninderra

Pelican and raven

Pelican and raven

Pelican and raven

Galahs just chilling by the side of the road


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