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Mount Rainier, Washington

When Dave saw this picture of Mt Rainier in Washington he was very impressed with it. And coming from a Washington resident, that's quite a compliment.

So here it is again :)

This image didn't resize very well unfortunately.

When I first saw this tree I just stopped and looked at it.

I thought it was very cool that a tree could have such a bend in it.

So I stopped and studied it.

Obviously when the tree was quite young, another tree died and fell on it, bending it over. Then as it grew, it grew vertically, leaving the trunk with a rather spectacular bend in it.


FQ1: Do you play any musical instruments or have any musical talents? Whose musical talent would you most like to have?
I can vaguely play the recorder but I wouldn't say I had any talent. Trying to learn the piano. I wouldn't mind having a good singing voice. Mariah Carey has just about the biggest range of anyone I've ever heard, that'd be cool. Perhaps like Marina Prior or someone like that.

FQ2: What was the last musical event you attended?
That would have been The Lion King. Before that it would have been David Bowie. Before that it's been years.

FQ3: Give it up... to which musician would you most like to have an "all access pass" for the night?
Probably David Bowie :)

FQ DARE: Reveal a musical artist or group that you are embarrassed to like.
Roxette? Abba? Are they both Swedish? hrm :)

FQ CHALLENGE: Mention the above artist or group in a comment you leave on some other blog, then provide the permalink URL where we can find it! (No fair lying about how much you think they suck and no cheating by leaving the comment on somebody else's FridayQ entry!). Extra creativity points for somehow working them into a completely unrelated conversation.
We'll see how we go after I read some other blogs for the night.
ok here we go:


I was going to take a photo of my computer, since that is about the most important machine to me, but it didn't make a good photo, so I'm submitting this instead.

It's totally amazing to me how these things get off the ground at all.

Took several photos of these things, but this turned out probably the best.

Dave from Blogography has launched a new version of the Friday Five, although it's only the Friday Three plus bonus... :) Here is the FridayQ

FQ TOPIC: Escape.

FQ1: What is your favorite way to escape from everyday life?
Movies, especially fantasy movies, eg Harry Potter

FQ2: When was the last time you made an escape? Where did you go?
Tonight, to the movies to see Harry Potter :)

FQ3: If you could escape to anywhere on earth right now, where would that be?
er.. um.. I dunno. To bed! ha! To dream about magical worlds, or at least Jason Isaacs :)

FQ DARE: Post your passport photo (or your driver's license photo if you don't have a passport).
hrm that might be difficult, I don't have a scanner with me, I'll get back to you on that one.


Well there are plenty of indispensable things - air, water, food etc.

But what about the little things we take for granted?

Like toilet paper.

I for one could not survive without toilet paper, and could not go on "Survivor" for that very reason.

And here we have four rolls of the stuff!

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