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Was at the airport the other day.

It was mid morning and looking north into the sun.

Through all the haze it was a strain to see the city.

Sorry not much imagination to this photo. The only other things I could think of were food strainers. Boring.



La Sal Mountains, as framed by Delicate Arch.

Arches National Park, Utah.

Was actually wondering what to use for this. I had several photos I could have used, but when I saw this, I decided this was the appropriate photo.


This photo blew me away. I suddenly realised the possibilities of this camera. This is a macro photo of the screen of my laptop. Taken at full wide angle, with no flash (hence the slight blurryness from camera movement), and only cropped down to this size, you can see every LCD pixel. And this was only on the 3 megapixel setting - imagine the same photo taken at 8 megapix! There is no way my last camera could have come close to getting this shot.

Lui actually offered to buy my old Olympus, but I can't bear to part with it, it's been so faithful to me over the years. I need to get it serviced actually, one day soon.

Was feeling thoroughly depressed last night and this morning over Mr Italian twat, until I was getting ready for work and looking over Diane Taurins' Jason Isaacs page, and was immensly cheered up. Go figure. Didn't dare check my webmail though in case nasty person wrote back and deflated me again. Checked when he got home and he hadn't after all. So now a night dedicated to cleaning up the flat and organising stuff for having people over tomorrow night.

Act your age:What on earth for?
Born on what day of the week:Tuesday
Chore you hate:Washing up
Dad's name:Ted
Essentail make-up item:Lipstick
Favorite actors/actresses:Jason Isaacs, Kevin Spacey, Michael Keaton, Jonathon Frakes, Leonard Nimoy
Gold or sliver:Gold
Instruments you play:Recorder!
Job title:Server administrator
Living arrangements: Flat
Mom's name: Sylvia
Number of socks you own:About 24
Overnight hospital stays:Nope
Phobia:Walking through cobwebs
Quote you like:Blessed are the pessimists, for they make backups
Religious affiliation:Christian
Time you woke up today:6:30am
Unusual habits:I don't think I have any that aren't done by plenty of people, making them not very unusual
Vicious thing you've done:dunno
Worst habit:Whinging
X-rays you've had:Chest for pneumonia, foot for a broken metatarsal
Your favorite season:Spring
Zodiac sign:Leo

[the alphabet survey] brought to you by BZOINK!


I don't understand how people can do this to their phones. How do they do it? They must pick up the phone in one hand, turn it around to put it on their ear, then put it back, after it's been turned 360 degrees. I pick up the phone with my left hand (so I can still use the mouse), then put it back down again without twisting.

As such, this is not my phone, but Sami's. It also happens to be the 500th photo (and movie) taken on my new camera (500 photos in a week, am I insane??? - although a lot of those were test photos getting used to the camera)

Going to go from about number three on the Theme Thursday list last week to about a hundred this week.. oops :)

First word

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Theme Thursday photo coming tomorrow (I still have to take it, and the thing I want to take it of is at work)

What comes to mind when you hear..
..summer love?:grease
..New Found Glory?:fame
..placebo?:pratt juice?:yum
..candid camera?:funny
..the end?:finito

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