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2003 Year in Review

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New Years Eve

And so another year comes to an end. A year full of highs and lows, but then what year isn't?

Some highlights from my year included:

  • fish tank - or should I say fish tanks. I went from zero to three tanks in the year and took great delight in my fishies as they grew, fought, ate, lived, died and laid eggs.
  • lego - my space lego collection tripled in a year, and a Harry Potter collection came into existence, thanks to the wonderful world of ebay.
  • this blog - no comment :)
  • weekly visiting James and George - their frendship has been wonderful over the year
  • JGHS school reunion - an interesting night, although I don't remember a single thing anyone told me about what they were doing. And a pity so many of the people I really wanted to catch up with didn't bother to turn up.
  • Cave Clan newbies nights - breaking into drains and other such dark places, lots of fun :)
  • Winning the Melbourne Cup sweep
  • First paid masseuse gig - somewhat boring, but good to know my talents are worth money :)
  • Harbour Bridge climb

    Some work-related highlights included:

  • Getting active directory setup on a small standalone domain and having 50 users successfully connect to a file and print server, and regular restores of files assured me that backups were working properly :)
  • getting all the machines in the building patched a week before the blaster worm hit. There's been three critical patches released since then, but ominously no worms for them..
  • switched to a new print and dhcp server in two hours with next to no disruption to users
  • finally let go of the support mail, after 6 years of doing it. I still keep an eye on it to see what goes through it
  • fixed a raid array in Gamera with no downtime. It had had a bad disk for months and another disk would have destroyed the entire system just like that.

    But you get the good with the bad, and some downers..

  • Peter leaving us at work, leaving me to pick up some of the crap jobs he was doing, as well as making it that much more difficult to do the crossword with him every day
  • getting Dell out to replace a part that turned out not to be faulty after all. Was rather embarrassing.
  • parents/boss stressing me out at various points.
  • being fired twice at cia
  • rejection by Chris
  • Cockroaches
  • turning 30

    Hoping next year will continue to improve mood-wise. This year was a lot better than last year, and hoping things continue to get better. So have a happy and safe new year and all that, from a very hot a sticky down under :)

  • Skype the night away

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    Just had a Skype chat with Paul.. heya, was nice talking to ya :)

    I'm just trying to finish building a bridge for Andrew (a HO scale truss bridge). Have been watching Star Trek IV (which arrived in the post today for my Christmas present from parents) and Star Trek VI cause I was in a trekkie sort of mood.

    This afternoon I watched some me little brother's Christmas present - the Best of Bowie. I still maintain that he looks best in the late 80's. I was excited to see Underground and As the World Falls Down, which I'd never seen before - they were the songs from Labyrinth and featured some of the characters from the movie in the video clips. It was also funny seeing some of the dancers and dance moves in some of the other video clips that he used in his Glass Spider concert, which I've had on video for years.

    It's truly frightening that my brother is still reading my blog. Most people I know that have told me they've read my blog have read it and then lost interest and that was the end of that. Continued reading is scary. Especially when they drop these hints in front of parents about it *grumble* :�

    Anyways I'm going back to building bridges :)


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    Handel's Hallelujah Chorus has to be just about the best sound of Christmas. It just wouldn't be right if they didn't do it at the various Carols by Candlelight shows that air to tv. I missed the one on Saturday night cause I was at Striker's but caught the Melbourne one tonight.

    It's looking like I'll be in bed before midnight tonight. More often that not I'm up past midnight and get to see Christmas in early :)

    I got a big Christmas present today. A whole stack of lego I got off ebay was all at the post office waiting for me, as well as some chockies from Thorpie. Of course some of the packages had been there since the 3rd of December, and even though I'd asked the post office staff several times since then to check for me, they obviously hadn't bothered, and I got final notices for three things the other day.

    This may sound a little selfish, but I reckon people should just go out and get themselves things for Christmas. If everyone just got themselves something nice, then there'd be no hassle of trying to think of what to give people (which I'm utterly hopeless at), and you know it'd get enjoyed by the recipient. Anyways, that's just a thought :) And I'm expecting to not come home with much tomorrow - parents have ordered stuff online and it may not have arrived in time, and my brother left my pressie at home and he won't be home again before tomorrow. Oh well :)

    In the end decided to stay home and sulk. Got a decent chunk of rubbish thrown out, and the place somewhat tidier. I can now walk across the study floor in a straight line with out stepping over or around anything. I even managed to put up my Christmas tree and all my fairy lights. I think you can never have too much tinsel or too many fairy lights. Being a bright-shiny-coloured-things freak at heart, Christmas is my time of year. Glitter and tinsel and fairy lights all do it for me, it doesn't get any better.

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