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Gingerbread House night

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Ginger Bread House.jpg
We had our church's annual gingerbread house night tonight. Was a blast, and 110 fantastic looking gingerbread houses were decorated. When I get around to it I'll put the photos up on conspiracy.. there's only several *hundred* of them ! hehe

This being the third year I've done one, I can safely say that "more is more" - the more lollies and chocolate you can cram onto it the better. And I also had a lego tree borrowed from George, and a little classic space minifig :)

First and last

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thanks to Little Lioness

first real kiss: Charles, 1991
first job: part time: at a news agent in 1990; full time: OzEmail 1996-1997
first screen name: kazza
first self purchased album: first cd was the Labyrinth soundtrack on cd, before I had a cd player
first funeral: the mother of our minister at the time
first pets: Bluey the budgie when I was 7
first piercing: and last, my ears in year 9
first true love: Mark (urgh)
first big trip: New Zealand when I was 18 months old
last big car ride: Aside from some long commutes, probably down to me little brother's place in the 'gong
last kiss: Chris three years ago *sigh*
last good cry: no such thing as a good cry is there?
last movie seen: at the movies, Matrix Revolutions
last beverage: orange juice
last food consumed: chicken alfredo
last phone call: a "wrong" number at work
last TV show watched: Channel 9 news
last shoes worn: my old and dying boots
last CD played: dunno
last item bought: lunch
last disappointment: myself
last soda drank: Lift
last ice cream eaten: hrm, that's been a while
last shirt worn: shirt? how about a t-shirt? this one!

A Reality Tour

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oooo heard this advertised on the radio today
very excited, have been waiting 13 years for this :)

Onya Makybe Diva!

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Makybe Diva

Thanks Makybe Diva, you won me $25 in the office Melbourne Cup sweep! My first ever win on a sweep, it was pretty cool. Actually I didn't even know it had won until after the race when they put up the results - the tv was a bit blurry and the volume wasn't loud enough. Funny stuff.

Other useless Melbourne Cup trivia: the horse that won in 1986 was called "At Talaq" which I found out recently means "divorce" in Arabic. The horse was owned by a "Sheikh Hamdan bin Rashid Al Maktoum" .. maybe the dude was going through a rough patch when he named the horse :)

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