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My butt is somewhat numb.. not sure if from cold or working it too hard. My ankles feel like they've been in a lumpy vice for several hours. My thighs are feeling a bit strange. My ears are hot. My fingers are cold. My back has this dull sensation that I suspect will escalate to full scale pain by tomorrow.

The cause of all this agony? I went ice skating tonight :)

Jim and John came along, but they only stayed for just over an hour (they didn't want to do themselves injuries before they go off skiing next weekend). I wasn't going to pay $14 and then leave after an hour though, so I stuck around. It was such a quiet night I even had the ice to myself for a little while. The most there ever were on the ice aside from myself was just four other people. It was actually really good, I got lots of practise spinning around and going backwards and spinning back to forwards again. Spent probably and hour and a half just practising that (Jim can do it so effortlessly, makes my attempts look pretty pitiful). I actually stayed til the place closed at 9pm, so over three hours there :)

Finally managed to get onto another school friend of mine today. We haven't spoken in probably 12 years. We're going to have lunch together next weekend, should be cool.


another dinner at Alan and Marylon's tonight .. much fizzling involved :)
This was after a quick trek to the Power House Museum this arvo to catch up on a few things I didn't finish last time I was there. I think I've pretty much seen everything in the museum there now.. except some of the steam engines in action .. Will definitely also have to get to the Observatory soon though to see Mars at very close proximity.

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