Fun Stuff: July 2003 Archives

I've noticed that sometimes when it's fairly cold here (like 12C) my weather pixie is still rather scantily clad. I've also noticed that the moon is upside down. Well today I found this page which has a guide of what the weather pixie wears.

Below is the range of clothes mine wears:
Blonde Pixies

I went and tried to find a few random sites round the world to see it in real life. Somewhere in Canada I found the one with the green parka (-23C), and in Vietnam I found one in a swimming cossie (33C).

I also found reference to the fact that yes, in fact, the moon is not turned upside down for us Southern Hemisphere users. Oh well.

Other than that, I'm having a nothing day, just doing lots of cleaning (my room, gamera, mailboxes, etc)

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