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This is how the tank looks with the black backing stuck on.  It makes the plants stand out more I think.

Angel tank

Angel Tank

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Over nine years ago I bought four angels.  They were the second batch of fish I put into my first fish tank.  Over the years the other fish slowly died off.  The last remaining fish out of my "originals" was a lone female angel.  Since I'd had her the longest, she became the favourite out of all the fish that have come and gone (except maybe George, who's death was particularly sad because of how it happened).


While I was away on my last holiday she died :(

Because I'd never had any success breeding the angels, and because every other fish I put in there died fairly quickly, I gave up and decided that when she died I'd clean out the tank and start again with baby angels.

So that's what I did on the weekend.  Spent a couple of hours cleaning surfaces and bits of the filter system that hadn't been cleaned in the nine and a half years since I got the tank.

It looks lovely now.  

Angel tank

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