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Finding Dory

Tonight we went to see Finding Dory.

A sequel to Finding Nemo, that filled in Dory's backstory.

It was a lot of fun.

And the CGI is spectacular these days.

But it was pretty silly.

Didn't quite have the same heart and soul of the first one.

So they cross the ocean.  In about about two minutes of screen time.  The rest of the story is at the other end.  Which is fine, it was just a bit jarring.

Stay to the end of the credits.  And then wonder how they managed to survive like that for that long.


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Independence DayTonight went with Neil to see Independence Day: Resurgence (we would have seen it on Monday but Neil had a Lion's club meeting).


It's basically a massive CGI-fest with a lot going on but nothing ever very complicated.

It was set in present day, but a futurised version because mankind had unified and made huge advances in technology.  That was a little odd.

No real *substance*.  Just a lot of fluff really.

Sure it was a bit of silly popcorn fun, just nowhere near as good as the original.

The worst bit was the whole "it's got it's own gravity" scene.  Yeup.

We also had one of Hoyts' new recliner seat cinemas.  Not convinced.  Those chairs are really not designed for short people like me.  I couldn't sit up straight because my legs hung uncomfortably off the chair.  And reclining was uncomfortable on my spine.  In the end I partly reclined to give my legs support and leaned on the arm rest to give my back some support and then it wasn't too bad.

Towards the end of the first tour in Germany, I was eyeing off the tour guide's book that he was reading - Raise the Titanic!  This guy reads through books every couple of days on tour, and was happy to give me not only that book, but also the next book he finished - Gray Mountain.  So those books kept me going til the end of the Scandanvia trip (I read a lot less on those because SCENERY!).

I was actually reading Raise the Titanic! on the ferry between Stockholm and Helsinki.  Another surreal book reading experience right there. I mostly enjoyed the book, except for the several-page long tidy up of answering all the questions of everything that happened at the climax - much like in the Harry Potter books.  Quite a few "yeah right" moments along the way too - like they seriously thought they could not only seal up *all* the holes - that includes all of the top decks which were never meant to be sealed - but not have it all implode from the water pressure at that depth??  hrmmmmm.  Still, it was an enjoyable enough read.

The other was John Grisham's Gray Mountain.  Somewhat depressing knowing all that stuff is going on in real life.  And like real life, the story really doesn't end.  It would have been nice to have some sort of epilogue to find how how some of the bigger stories ended for the characters, if not for the real life situation.. but I suppose that's life ..

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