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Thirty years ago this morning we woke up to the news of the Challenger disaster.

I was just starting year 7.  My parents heard it on the radio in bed, and told us about it.

I remember being quite stunned at the time.

I also remember that jokes about it came out *very* quickly in those pre-internet days.  (eg - what does NASA stand for? need another seven astronauts)

Sad times..

The Big Short

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The Big Short

Yesterday we went and saw The Big Short.

I knew nothing about it going in.

Although as it started I remembered Stu saying it was about the global financial crisis in 2008.

It was in fact about several different fund managers and speculators that bet on the collapse of the housing market in 2007-2008.

It was quite well done and I enjoyed it.


Another one!?

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What's the deal with people dropping off at 69 from cancer??  First David Bowie, now Alan Rickman!

Mum is 69 - she'd better not be next!!

January 8

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I was having trouble deciding what to blog first tonight.

If I'd blogged last night it would have been about my trip to Sydney to see mum and her brothers and two Lego shows.

There would have been mention that we went to Aunty Di's on Friday night and remembered the January 1994 bushfires of January 8, those twenty two years ago that day.

If I'd been home to blog on January 8 I certainly would have mentioned my thirteenth blogiversary (my little blog is a teenager!).

And as part of that I would have said happy birthday to David Bowie.

He was in my thoughts three days ago.

And sadly, he was in them again today.

For once I didn't hear it first from the internet.  As in 1997, when I heard about Princess Diana, it was my little brother that told me.

Rest in peace David Bowie.  You were one of the greatest loves of my life.

David Bowie Jareth Jareth Jareth

The Abominable Bride

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This morning we went along to the Dendy to see a screening of a holiday special of Sherlock.

We love the Sherlock series - we've watched the entire thing through twice.

This episode has a bit of a twist to it which is a bit of fun.  Really well done (as always).  Loved it.

Before and after we got to see a couple of extra "special features" including some stuff by the producers and interviews.

And the cinema(s) were packed!  We were in cinema 1 and it was full.  Even Star Wars on the Monday after opening didn't fill that same cinema.

I really must keep reading the stories (read a bunch of them a while back but didn't finish).

Other than that today was just house stuff, including taking down the Christmas decorations :( 

Had salmon and salad for dinner so *mostly* healthy.

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