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Deadly Décisions

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This week I finished reading "Deadly Décisions" by Kathy Reichs.  As usual a good read, and as usual far too many coincidences!


Walking past Sentinel the other day I saw a sign out the front advertising display units.  After a minute or so of should I or shouldn't I, I decided to go up and have a look.  I had a look through all the north facing units on the north side, but only one of them really grabbed me - a lovely two bedroom unit with spectacular north-facing views and sunshine - even the second bedroom has a small north facing window.  But as much as it would be awesome to live there, we just wouldn't fit.  Even if we turned the second bedroom into a small study, we still wouldn't have room for all our furniture (which we bought a lot of for this place specifically) and fish tanks .. oh well ..

Looking down into the lap pool area

Bright lounge/dining room - but I doubted our dining table and buffet would fit, or our lounge for that matter

This had one of the biggest kitchens of all the units, with the laundry in a cupboard up the back right

Looking from the doorway through the second bedroom and living room

How awesome would it be to wake up to this view every morning?!?

Excuse fingers .. but view!!

Huge balcony

And I snapped one out of the back of the place to see the south view

I actually lay awake in bed for quite a while that night thinking about it.  The location is fantastic, but the place would be just too small for us.  And really our place has most of what we want, except maybe proximity to work and somewhere to keep chickens ..


(continuing with the back dating)

The other week we tried out the Altitude Cafe in Belconnen.

There was a moment of confusion as we didn't know if there was table service or not (why make things so confusing?).  But when we got deep enough into the place and noone had looked at us hopefully, we finally saw a sign, right at the end of the store, on the counter, saying order and pay at the counter.  

I went for the Caesar Salad.

I have to say it was very *weird* for a caesar salad - with tomato, cucumber and parsley thrown in.

Location: Altitude Cafe, Belconnen
Price: $12.95

Lettuce: cos, but in a four-leaf clover configuration
Croutons: just some toasted stale bits of bread, nothing special
Bacon: decent amount
Parmesan cheese: reasonable amount
Egg: two poached eggs, one on each corner
Anchovies: none! win!
Sauce: ok, on the side
Extras: tomato, cucumber, parsley, and chicken (not complaining about that chicken, usually you pay extra for that)

Altitude Cafe Caesar Salad


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Sydney is *finally* getting a smart card system for its public transport.  They're calling it Opal.  I wondered how it was going to work with the outer suburb stations that aren't permanently manned.  Turns out they're not barriers, just places to swipe.  This turned up at Como in early February.


Sushi and Grill

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With all my travelling to Sydney (and working in the CBD for the first time ever), I decided to go on a mission to find the best takoyaki in Sydney.

The one that's winning so far is from Sushi and Grill on York Street.  Actual chunks of octopus!

Not the best of photo of the takoyaki on the left and some croquetty type things on the right.

Sushi and Grill


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Guzman Y Gomez opened in Belconnen Mall I think at the end of last year.  Early this year I tried it out for the first time (I'd been to the city one a couple of times and found it quite good).  This time I thought I'd try something different - the Kid's Nachos, to see how it compared to Mad Mex's kid's nachos.  As it turns out they were awful.  They were very dry and the only sauces available to add were all too spicy (even the one that was meant to be mild).  I'd have their mini burritos again, but wouldn't have the kids nachos again.

GYG Kids Nachos

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