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It's Friday!!

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OK so it's not really.  But I don't have to go to work tomorrow which makes this Friday! Hurrah!! :)

Unfortunately I don't have any photos in my to-be-blogged folder either.

So this is going to be the boringest post ever.  Well maybe not ever.  I've had some boring posts in the past.  Your challenge: find one! mwooahhahaha

I've been blogging for eight years.  2891 entries.  


Even I don't have the stamina to re-read the whole thing.  It'd take weeks!  I tried at one point, cause I thought it would be a good idea to censor my biggest rants, especially about friends and family (parents).  I think I got about a year and a half in before I ran out of steam.  

My mother on the other hand is obsessive enough to read the whole thing if she found it again (she found it once by accident, don't know if she's been back since).  Since she has the internet at home now it's likely to happen sooner rather than later.  Well mum, be warned, there's a rant or two about you floating around.  You have been warned.

Wow.  I somehow managed to stretch a nothing post into a several paragraphs!  

Happy Invasion Australia day for tomorrow.. if anyone wants to come round for a swim, the puddle will be free (preferably in the afternoon when the sun is a bit off the pool).

Rename Rename Rename

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Warning: complete boring obsessive-compulsive post.

This morning I had the thought that I really should get around renaming all our UK photos with date/timestamps.

Sounds easy, no?

Well with the right tools, the bulk of it is.  Point an application such as Renamemaster at a directory of files and you're done.

Well that only works on the days that all files are in the same timezone.  As soon as you start throwing flights into the mix, the problem becomes how to deal with files in different timezones.  Especially problematic when you're going back in time - you can end up with overlapping files if you do it wrong :/

The first challenge as always was to figure out exactly what time (local time) photos were taken to see which ones need offsetting.  That took ages.  Especially with photos from three still cameras, two phones and a video camera to sort out.  All with different behaviours.  The still cameras were fairly easy cause the time is set manually.  They just worked.  Phones automatically pick up the new times when you change timezones so they were also easy enough, except for some of the iPhone pics which didn't have a date modified timestamp on them that Renamemaster could find - weird! The video camera was a bit painful because it was set by changing the timezone on it.  For some reason the still photos it takes and the videos were different by an hour. Yay.  

I used Exif Date Changer on some of the files (the ones where I was going forward in time and wanted to update them to local time after I'd changed timezones). 

The movies taken by the still cameras I renamed manually cause there weren't that many of them.  But when I got to the video camera and they all needed adjusting by an hour I used Bulk Rename Utility.  Its interface is a bit scary, and by accident I actually modified the original modified date (possibly that will be a problem when we're not in Daylight Saving anymore..) but then also managed to rename them as well.  

So anyways.  It took around eleven hours *groan* but got everything sorted and renamed and the blog posts updated with the stats.

I'm sure my brother will tell me I'm doing it wrong.  But at least now all ~13000 files are done.


Kazza the Baby One

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Tonight's project was scanning the oldest of the "evil" photo albums.  You know those albums where the sticky stuff deteriorates and sticks to the photos :(  Not sure where this album came from.  It might have been one of the grandparents'.  I seem to remember inheriting it a few years before I left Sydney. 
**EDIT** -  more than a few years! I actually first scanned these (at very low resolution) in 1999!!!

It contains mostly baby/toddler photos of me from birth (obviously) to about 1983 when I was ten.  But only ~64 photos in all of that.  These days a kid would have 64 photos on their first *day* let alone ten years!!  There's probably more around, certainly of later years, but there just wasn't that many taken of my in my first few years.  And they did lose about six months of photos through some mishap as well.

The album is now to be thrown out, and the photos stored in a box somewhere (with clean paper between each one to stop the sticky residue sticking to the photo behind it).

I'm feeling quite old doing this.  Remember, when I die *noone* is going to care about these photos.  No kids and no nephews or nieces are going to exist to be interested.  Our family will history will die with my brother and I.  When I die someone is just going to throw all these photos out and format my hard drive and that'll be the end of me.  It's kind of a weird feeling.  Especially since I have this feeling that I'm probably half way through my conscious life so it's all down hill from here.. 

But anyways...

I guess I was kinda cute as a baby .. where did it all go wrong..?

Kazza the baby

Queensland Floods

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I've had only a detached interest in the Queensland floods.  Devastating, yes, but somehow not personal.  

Until it hit Brisbane and places I've been to.  Watched coverage for several hours tonight.  Sad sad sad.  Stu was pretty sad tonight too.  He having lived in Brisbane for so long and all..

The only people I know in Queensland are ok, although not far from the devastation in Goodna.

Photos from the Sydney Morning Herald and the Courier Mail.

Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
Brisbane floods
David described scenes like this as like the end of the world..
Brisbane floods

One of the images that really struck me though was from a couple of days ago in another part of Queensland.

Kangaroo rescue

This page is pretty freaky too.  Someone's done an overlay of the Brisbane River and the extent of the possible flooding..

Brisbane River map
Brisbane River map
So yeah.  Stay safe everyone...

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