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Just found out (via Twitter - of course) that Adriana Xenides died the other day :(

I never watched Wheel of Fortune, but I did meet her once - she commented on how beautiful she thought my hair was.

Now Nat and Andrew are *definitely* going to want me to find the tape (which she was on).

Rest in peace..

Karen with John Burgess and Adriana Xenides


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Last week or thereabouts I finished the Belgariad again.  I think I'm getting dementia because I couldn't remember a lot of what happened from when I first read the books some years ago :(  But I suppose that meant I could enjoy them afresh heh.  The thing that surprised me most actually was the violence in them, I didn't really remember that the first time.

So having a little break before starting the Mallorean.

The Right Stuff

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Tonight I convinced the sweetie that we should watch "The Right Stuff" that I'd acquired a few weeks ago (for $4 from a guy at work).  

I probably haven't seen this movie in twenty years, and my only memory of it was the rocket tests where they had a spate of failures and spectacular crashes, and the final shot of the top blowing off the top of one of them.  For some reason that shot amused us when we were younger :)

So tonight.. it was a little slow getting going (heck the whole movie is three hours long!) but it picked up and in the end I thoroughly enjoyed it!  I think Bill Conti's score made the movie.  Certainly made me want to go into space all over again.. maybe I'll just need to win a big lotto and go up in one of Richard Branson's planes...


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So after watching Masterchef and sorting out my Eudora (all of my email is now migrated to a new host because kaos is being turned off soon) it was a bit late to really start anything, so did a bit of old-fashioned web surfing.  Well not old-fashioned exactly.  It's more the scenario where you see something on Boing Boing or some such site, and at the bottom there's links to the "top 10 <something>".  From there there's links to all sorts of weird and wonderful other things.  So just followed a bunch of those around for an hour or so.  Was kinda fun :)

So my old CIA email address is no longer being used.  Not sure how long they'll keep a forward going for it.  Be nice if it was a while longer yet.  When you have the same email address for fourteen years lots of people you don't contact much will still be able to contact you (Pirjo found me last year because of it!).  Of course you also get craploads of spam.  Will try and keep my new address off the net as much as possible, except for actual personal email.  The domain catch-all will still be used for the majority of other mail. 
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