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Little House

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Last week I finished the "Little House" series of books by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  The second last one (These Happy Golden Years) had a sense of finality to it.  It was the end of her childhood, end of school, end of single life.  At the end she marries Almanzo and they move into his house.  The last few sentences sounded as if they lived happily ever after.

So then I read the forward to "The First Four Years" which talks about how the book came to be (Laura's daughter Rose had a copy of the unfinished manuscript, and after Rose died a close personal friend of hers decided to have it published).  So this book had a bit of a different feel to it, split into four sections for the first four years of their marriage.  This book had a lot of hardships in it and you wondered if they *ever* managed to make a living off the land (which of course is where wikipedia comes to rescue to fill in the rest of the story :) )

So all in all a very enjoyable series of books.
Had a lovely weekend in Melbourne over Easter.  I'd blog photos, but there's 1147 of them (plus Stu's) and I haven't sorted them yet.  

I was planning on doing it today, but after a very productive morning of tidying up and cleaning and sorting stuff and catching up on news feeds and then lunch at Subway and food shopping and fish shopping and fish tank water changes and then cooking dinner (roast chicken with herbed potatoes and "asparagus caesar" (all very nomm)) and watching a couple of episodes of Survivor and doing some jigsaw.. for some reason I just didn't get to it... sorry.....

Bee drop

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The other week when I was vaccuuming the pool, this bee was flitting around and decided to settle on the handle of the brush.  It sat there and drank half a dozen decent-sized droplets of water.  I didn't know where it could possibly store that much water!  

A bit better than Shreve's goose... who is very cool to watch .. but didn't drink nearly its whole body weight in water :)
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