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Violet Grace

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Coast photos will have to wait another night.

Cause today Violet Grace decided to enter the world.  If she'd come yesterday or tomorrow she'd have been someone else (name-wise), quite funny really.

It was all fairly civilised really.  They sent Jake off to school.  Then labour started so they went to hospital.  Kerry had an epidural so was relatively relaxed through the whole process.  Baby delivered at 3pm.  We arrived with Jake about 6:30, making this the youngest baby I've ever seen (previously it was Marc at 10 hours old).

Family photo
Violet Grace
The t-shirt colour I had seemed somehow appropriate...
Violet Grace

Haven't put any books up in ages.

At night I've been reading the Little House on the Prairie series by Laura Ingalls Wilder.  Over the past couple of months I've finished "By the Shores of Silver Lake", "The Long Winter" and "Little Town on the Prairie".  

These books cover the Ingalls' leaving Plum Creek (Walnut Grove) and moving out to De Smet, South Dakota where they settled, and the first few years they spent there.  They arrived at the very beginning of the settlement of De Smet, and had to endure the harsh winter of 1880/81 when there were literally no supplies in the town, and no way for trains to get through.  Must have been pretty scary.  

The books are getting more and more interesting as they go along.  I'm finding it hard to stop at just one chapter before bed!

On the bus over December/January I read a couple of James Herriot's books.  Firstly "Vet in Harness", a Book Crossing book I've had for a few years, and then "If Only They Could Talk", which I started reading in about Year 11 (~1990) but never finished.  The stories in these books are quite amusing, but it was a little disappointing to read that they were more fiction than fact.  Surely some of the actual veterinary experiences must have happened, but presumably the stories around them were embellished somewhat.  But his actual practice building is now a museum and can be found in Thirsk in Yorkshire, and there is even a Darrowby Inn in the town!

It's not trivial..

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So after the cancellation last year due to lack of interest, we ran our trivia night tonight to a full house! Hurrah!

We only had to replace some of the current events questions and a few other questions here and there throughout the   set.  We did ten rounds of ten questions, as well as a couple of "filler" rounds - logos and ditloids.

Generally it all went fairly well.  Had a few *good* questions where people went "oohhhh" or "doohhhhh" when they heard the answers.  A few dud questions that really noone got, or *everyone* got.

Would we do another one...??  Don't know.. it was an awful lot of work .. DC keeps thinking of questions, so I have a feeling he'd be up for another one hehe :)

Windows 7

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Formatted my C: drive last night and installed Windows 7 proper.  Copped plenty of flak at work for buying it retail, but now that I come to think of it, it's probably the first time I've *ever* paid full price for an operating system.. The last couple have come with the PCs and before that it was all uni stuff.  

I decided not to get an upgrade, since I didn't want to spend time trying to find my Dell recovery cds or deal with any of the hassles of trying to get a key to work (having read horror stories about it).  

So backed everything up just in case (data is all on d: drive, but it was scheduled for last night anyway) then backed up my users directory to make sure I had things like my Google Earth place markers, Live Messenger history, and Chrome history/session data.

And then installed Windows 7.  Went totally smoothly.  In fact a few minutes after it started I went and hung out all my washing, then came back and it was nearly done.  Installed and restored Chrome and I was up and running again, hurrah!
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