South West Rocks - Day 1

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While everyone else went to work, the sweetie and I headed out of Canberra.  It was hot and windy at 9:30am, and I had visions of a repeat of ten years ago.  

Stopped at various Maccas along the way for breakfasts, coffees and lunches.

We happened to be driving through Sydney at the peak of the heat wave.  We passed a sign that said 45C and we were all "what the??".  The car didn't seem to be overheating (according to the heat guage), but seemed to be threatening to stall.  So we were ok on the freeways, but that bit of Pennant Hills Road was a bit tough.  We turned the aircon off and suffered, but didn't break down.  When are they ever going to join up the M7/M2 with the F3 ????

It was so hot, we made a little hoodie to shade the GPS

GPS shade

Drove on and on.  Went through Kempsey a bit after 6pm and then got to see the new Kempsey bypass being built.  The bridge over the Macleay River and floodplain is 3.2 kilometres long and will be the longest bridge in Australia.

Kempsey Bypass

Kempsey Bypass

The sun and clouds over the Macleay River were pretty

Macleay River

Arrived at Stu's dad's place around 7pm, and had a lovely meal of freshly caught bream, as well as kingfish and trevaly (I think).

Then we pretty much just crashed.  They have an amazingly well equipped self-contained flat downstairs, which was a lovely little retreat.



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