I hate tailgaters

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OK so I'm cruising down the M4 this morning, zipping through the E-way gates in the left of the two lanes (best thing since sliced bread the new toll "gates" on the M4) and as we're merging back to four lanes after the tolls, this truck tries to cut in from the cash lanes. So I move over to the right lane to avoid having to brake. OK so now I'm cruising in the right lane, but they're doing roadworks at the moment and the limit is 60. So I ease off and try not to exceed the ridiculous speed limit by too much. Now this truck moves over right behind me and then just sits right on my tail, obviously wanting me to break the law or get out of his way. Well having already proved himself to be the rudest driver on my trip, I certainly wasn't going to get out of his way. Anyway after a couple of kilometres sitting right up my backside he decides to give up and go around me - just as the speed goes up to 90 again. So of course I take off and leave him behind. For then at least. You can't really get very far very fast on the M4 in peak hour, so I ended up not being more than a couple of cars away from him on my entire trip to work. Bastard.

This afternoon was not much better. I was trying to decide if it's just me (I seem to get tailgaters a lot), or the car I happened to be driving today (which looks as if it should be going a lot faster). But if it is the car, they should realise that my brakes are probably a darned sight better than theirs, and if I had to stop in an emergency they wouldn't have a chance. Neither would have that damned truckie.

I also got to experience the joys of the M5 east tunnel at peak hour today. Picture a 4km tunnel that's not properly ventilated, filled with drivers that seem to panic just because there's a solid wall next to them instead of air. So I'm sitting there averaging 30km/hr in a very warm car with no ventilation to stop the pollution getting in, then as soon as we hit open air it's back up to 80km/hr. Sheesh I wish people could learn to drive sometimes.

wow.. what a rant .. I wonder how I managed to make it home in one piece!


Will said:

Ah, the stresses of driving... Don't drive much these days, though with public transport there are still stresses, such as better run to the connecting bus/train or else might have to wait another 15-20 minutes. Well, if the truck has no chance, then if it's actually tail-gating that closely, think of the damage that may incur if it really doesn't have a chance when you break suddenly... Big truck, and another vehicle. The big one will crush the smaller one. That's the main reason I hate driving in front of big trucks, they annoy me mostly.

Don't really know how the tunnels are over in Sydney, but I can tell you over here in Melbourne the city link tunnels are crap, especially in peak hour. Haven't been in there for awhile, but I remember in peak hour you're generally better off taking an alternate route. Oh, and I recall in the tunnels if you have your radios on, they will broadcast messages to your radio. And there was that incident slightly after the tunnels just opened, where they had water leaking in.

April 12, 2003 12:04 AM


kazza said:

Yeah public transport takes me twice as long to get to work as it does to drive, that's why I drive. Plus you don't get crammed into overcrowded trains with lots of sick people breathing. blah! :)

April 12, 2003 7:45 PM


chris said:

well if you idiots knew how hard it was for truck drivers you'd have a new outlook on the stress's we have. You cut "us" off,pass on the right (we cant see you!!!! especially on the right side) and what i hate most when someone doesnt let me into a lane when i either have to exit or move over for a police officer on the side of the road.

September 15, 2003 1:01 AM


kazza said:

setal petal :)
I understand totally.
But that doesn't excuse this driver's behaviour.

September 15, 2003 8:10 PM


people said:

i drive a 2000 camaro and i almost hate to drive
it due to the fact i always get tailgated. people jump out of their free lanes just to tailgate on me. yesterday on the freeway this guy in a acura almost killed himself just because i was passing him by in the right hand lane, so i kept going and i noticed he was keeping up with me probably thinking i wanted his lane then it happened. my lane was still clear but his lane came to a stand still. all i seen was smoke and a smell of rubber. all i thought was people these days.

July 13, 2006 10:42 AM


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