Wedding: April 2007 Archives

  • Maybe have the wedding either in Yass or in Canberra, at some church, dunno where yet
  • Photos around Lake Burley Griffin. I figure if I'm going to live in Canberra, I want Canberra photos for the wedding
  • Practically, reception should prolly be in Canberra too
  • People with cars would be expected to give people from interstate/overseas lifts around the place :)
  • Thinking of having wedding on a week day, but have a "pre-wedding" party for friends the weekend before. People could have a couple of days in Canberra playing tourist if they wanted to. Be a good chance to catch up with people, since is often hard to do at actual wedding-type events
  • Have a computer with a multi-memory card reader at the reception, and ask everyone to download all their digital photos of the event before they leave

    just some thoughts :)

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