June 28, 2004

Federal Way to Sydney

Concorde at the Museum of Flight

Or more to the point two days and a very long night. The stuff I did yesterday feels like about a week ago, even though I've only had two hours sleep in that time. So what happened yesterday?

ok well we started by going shopping. I wanted to find some cheap alcohol and Mum wanted to find some clothes/gifts/souvenirs. But alas the SeaTac Mall we went to was quite small and didn't have what we wanted, and we tried some other side malls too but still couldn't find anything. In the end we wasted an hour and a half for nothing.

The tragedy of the day was it was such a beautiful day that it seemed a shame to be inside. So the parents decided we should go down to the Puget Sound to have a look. We found a state park (that wanted $5 just to look at the parking lot), snuck in anyway, and said, yep, all very pretty but.. So that took up another hour or so.

The main destination of the day was actually the Museum of Flight. One of the coolest things was going inside a British Airways Concorde. They also had the first 747 ever built, the first big Air Force One jet, and a whole stack of planes including several that I have plastic models of. Could definitely have spent hours longer there but alas we only had three hours before we had to leave for the airport.

So the airport. The first thing we had to do was return the rental car. Well the parents spent the next three quarters of an hour arguing over the bill. Somewhere along the line we got hit with $200 of extra taxes which noone told us about. Blah.

Finally got the car paid for. Meandered up to checkin which was fairly routine. The Alaska Airlines flight from Seattle to LAX was very cool - we flew over many of the mountains we'd seen in the previous weeks driving around them. The sun set and we flew into LAX after dark, over the city lights which were phenomenal.

Spent the time between flights wandering the terminals (they took us on a bus ride on a grand tour of LAX by night, also very cool :) ), and spending money on books and incahol.

The Qantas jet had the new seating with the tvs in each seat so that was cool. I watched Strange Bedfellows (very aussie), Twisted (ok), and 50 First Dates (a bit schmaltzy but at least she didn't miraculously get her memory back at the end).

There was only one person in front of us in the plane, and she was in the ailse seat, so when the other two people didn't turn up, I asked her if I could have the window seat. So I managed to get window seat on all four legs of our holiday. It's amazing what you can get when you ask for it :) It also meant I had a free seat next to me which meant more space, and I could spend 14 hours away from the parents, instead of between them!

Sunrise was only just before we landed, but was very beautiful. We didn't get a great view of the city, just a distant one, and it was still too dark for any decent photos. But it was still very exciting to be home again.

Getting through duty free, immigration and customs took forever. OK so probably about an hour. So then we went out the front to wait for the parents' friend who was meant to be picking us up. Except he never showed. After half an hour Mum called his wife who said he had left an hour earlier than he should have. So I called Lizzi, who sent James in my car to pick us up. We packed four people, four suitcases and four smaller bags, plus six litres of alcohol into my little laser. It looked somewhat like a beached whale, and was just about hitting the rear tires when cornering. Dropped James off first, then I took the parents home, and finally got home myself around 11:15 am.

Spent the day catching up with stuff, email, ebay, shopping etc. Have had about two hours sleep in the past 42 hours, so I think I'll have an early night. It's 12:30am Seattle time, 5:35pm here, yet it feels so much later, as the sun set ages ago, certainly different to the other half of the world :)

Posted by kazza at June 28, 2004 05:35 PM

How ironic... I'm going to be doing the same sort of trip in reverse (from Oregon to NSW). Not looking forward to the flight though! *yikes*

Excellent photos!

Posted by: Al on July 9, 2005 02:52 AM