June 25, 2004

Everett to Federal Way

International Fountain in front of Space Needle, Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle. That was last night. At 11:30pm the phone rang. Wrong number. At 3:30am the phone rang again. Probably the same prankster. I didn't have too much trouble getting back to sleep, but Mum freaked out the first time and couldn't get back to sleep the second. So when 6:30 came around we were all still very tired.

Still, the early start meant we got to the Boeing factory just after 8am, and got into the 9am tour. Very worth the $5 entry. Biggest building by volume in the world. And get to see them building the big jets up close. Very very cool. Pity you can't take *anything* into the place, especially not cameras. Blah.

After Boeing we checked out of the Everett motel and headed downtown. The only real item on the todo list was the Space Needle tower. $13 to go up, but a great view. We had a very grey day, so couldn't see Mt Rainier (apparently you can only see it 40-60 days of the year), but at least it hasn't rained :)

So afterwards we didn't really know what to do, so we stood around for a while, then caught a free shuttle bus into town, where we wandered around for an hour before coming back to the car. Tried to find a good vantage spot to see the city but couldn't find one really. So decided to head south and find somewhere to sleep. It was the longest evening of the entire trip. We have never had so much trouble finding a motel. It didn't help that we needed a laundry, it had to be big enough so we could stay two nights, and a fridge was preferable. We drove for what seemed like hours, but it was probably only one or two. Finally got here and it was such a relief.

Watching a very funny behind the scenes on the whole Survivor series.

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