June 24, 2004

Seaside to Everett (Seattle)

Astoria Bridge over Columbia River, from Astoria Tower

Another day, another several hundred miles. Another day of dad behaving childishly (today's classic - getting stroppy with mum for not knowing how to find something that we didn't even know where it was to start with, but then refusing to actually do the driving or directing himself).

So we started the day by driving north to the south end of the Columbia River and wandering around the point and seeing where the Columbia met the Pacific Ocean. We saw a deer and two fawns which were *very* cute, but disappeared off the road before I got to take a photo of them. Then into Astoria where we drove around looking for viewpoints of the bridge over the Columbia. There was a good view of the whole area up the Astoria Column. We had the fun of the day at the column. Some kids were up there throwing balsa wood planes off the top of the tower and watching them glide to earth. One of them we thought was lost forever in the bush, but landed just near the base of the tower. Lots of fun :)

After lunch we drove across the bridge into Washington. Did a couple of "scenic" drives which weren't overly. Then made a run for Seattle. Decided to stay in Everett so we can be close to the Boeing factory in the morning. We'll see if we can get into an early tour...

Posted by kazza at June 24, 2004 03:36 PM