June 23, 2004

Salem to Seaside

Mt Hood over Trillium Lake

Another day, another mountain. Today, Mount Hood. Very cool mountain. So cool in fact that people were still skiing on it. I drooled. I'd love to have gone skiing on Mt Hood. Oh well.

On the way we stopped at a lake. And walked around it. And got bitten by mosquitos. The lake was actually more like a swamp. But anyway. There went an hour.

Spent quite a while around Mt Hood. We even took a ski chair lift up to 7016' although we didn't have time to spend any time there, as they were about to shut down the lift for the day. doh!

We did find a very pretty lake that we'd seen from the mountain, and several nice bridges over the Columbia River.

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate my father? He behaves like a spoilt three year old when he doesn't get his own way. This afternoon after seeing Mt Hood, we were approaching the Columbia River, and I said the Stonehenge Memorial was 40 miles upstream (we were heading downstream to Portland). That's all I said. So then Dad turns to Mum and says, well are we going? Mum was a bit indifferent so Dad threw a tantrum because we weren't giving him directions. ie, we were waiting for him to make the decision whether to go or not, but he wouldn't do it. Because he wouldn't tell us where we were going, we couldn't tell him which way to turn, so he chucked a wobbly. Tragic really.

We were originally heading Astoria via Portland, but only made it as far as Seaside. Watching the history channel and typing this up. Going to be rather a late night. Still, I should sleep well, considering I didn't get to sleep til well after 2am this morning. We shall see.

Posted by kazza at June 23, 2004 03:47 PM

You didn't really miss much with the Stonehenge re-creation, as it's fairly forgettable. Mt. Hood, on the other hand... well, you were there... you know what I mean. :-)

Posted by: Dave2 on June 24, 2004 02:36 PM