June 22, 2004

Florence to Salem

Mount Jefferson over Lake Detroit

Today we all felt our travel weariness. We didn't have anything special we wanted to see, and no particular direction in mind.

Florence was still well and truly clouded over, so we decided to head inland and check out the Cascade Mountains where there was blue sky and sunshine. I didn't take any photos until well after lunch, as we didn't actually stop for anything worthwhile. We do think we saw a Bald Eagle though. It was standing atop a nest at the top of a pole in a rural area. We couldn't see its tail but was a dark coloured bird with a white head, so it definitely could have been. We'd like to think we saw one anyway :)

I'm definitely laked and waterfalled out. Dad has this obsession with lakes and waterfalls. If they're on the map he wants to see them. And even if they're not on the map and he sees signs he'll often want to pull in and have a look. The problem is that each one usually adds around half an hour to the day. Or takes it away rather. Now don't get me wrong, I like waterfalls and lakes, but unless they're really spectacular I'm pretty indifferent about them. I tend to prefer dams and bridges and mountains. Now mountains over lakes work for me, but really only if they're snow covered.

Mt Hood ended up being too far away to get to today, so we wandered back to Salem for a Motel 6/Denny's kind of a night.

Posted by kazza at June 22, 2004 03:13 PM