June 20, 2004

Medford to Crescent City

Lady Bird Johnson Grove, Redwood National Park

Our only event of the day was the Redwood National Park in California. I was actually expecting the giant sequoias we saw last time, but it was actually just the Coast Redwoods, which are taller but not as bulky. Again took probably far too many photos. The day actually started out perfectly sunny, but as we got closer to the coast, the clouds descended to tree level and blotted out the sun. Because the light was so bad I don't know how well my photos turned out. The white balance was all wrong, unless I went into manual mode, and so then I had to guess shutter speeds and f stops. Of course the suggested settings are too slow for hand-held, so then I had the tripod out, but that was very fiddly as it's a pretty crappy tripod. So anyway. I'll just have to rely on my memories for the day I think :) Not to mention almost all the photos I have a vertical, which will be a lot of fun to rotate. Rota to the rescue methinks :) The clouds were so thick in places that they made the forest a very mystical place, it was very beautiful. Stopped in Crescent City for the night.

Sometimes we try and think of where certain places, like shopping or food, were. We've been out here 35 days and stayed, ate and shopped in a different place just about every meal. All the non-significant details blend together now. Silly really :)

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