June 18, 2004

Mount Rainier to Kelso

Mount St Helens, Washington

I knew this morning would be an early one. Woke up at 5:30 and dozed til 6am, when I got up and managed to get the first shower of the day in the common showers. Got out the door by 7, although dad wanted to go trudging through the snow before we'd had breakfast, so of course I was starving, blah.

The mission of the today was Mount St Helens. Another spectacular mountain, and another "roll of film" expended on it ;) I would have loved to have gone on a helicopter tour, but it was $99 plus tax, and the parents weren't at all interested. In fact, it was a battle to get dad to pay the $3 each to see the Johnston Ridge visitors centre. I just don't get it - last night he was willing to pay $150+tax for a crappy hotel room, yet he was quibbling today over $3. Am I missing something here? sigh. The film at the visitors centre is worth seeing - if only for the ending where the curtain is lifted for a spectacular view of the mountain through the window. *Very* cool.

Have just arrived in Kelso for the night, about to head out to dinner.

Posted by kazza at June 18, 2004 03:23 PM