June 18, 2004

Wenatchee to Mount Rainier

Mount Rainier, Washington

Very busy photo taking day today, although I didn't quite fill my 256mb memory stick. I also did a complete dump of the first 31 days of photos to Dave's computer which has relieved me immeasurably. Now even if the laptop *and* the external drive dies on the way home, I'll have an offsite backup, in another country at that :)

So this morning we started with the very cute towns of Cashmere and Leavenworth. Actually they took most of the morning. We didn't really get anywhere near Mt Rainier til well after lunch. Then it became a case of taking pictures of the mountain as we got closer and closer to it. It truly is a spectacular mountain.

It was 7pm by the time we made it to the visitors centre closest to the mountain on the south side, so we asked one of the ranger dudes where the nearest reasonable accommodation was, to which he said this place, the Paradise Inn, just next door. So the parents checked the price and decided to stay. It's quaint, in a no bathroom-no television-no phone line-no space-no decent blinds kind of a way. For over twice the price we're getting less than half of the services. All for a view of the back car park and a bit of snow. Still, we got to watch the sunset over the mountains, and we get to say it's the highest place we've ever spent a night (probably, I'd need to check that! :) ).

Since there is literally no room in this room, the parents are downstairs doing whatever it is they do at night, so at least I have the room to myself which is kinda nice. I'll just go download my photos and with any luck I'll be asleep by the time they get back. It's going to be a very early morning tomorrow - the sun is going to come straight in my window and the blinds are useless. Still, if I wake up early enough, maybe there won't be a queue for the shower - two showers for the whole floor, yay.....

Damn, the parents just got back. Oh well.

Posted by kazza at June 18, 2004 03:14 PM

Living here as I do, I see a LOT of photos of Mt. Rainier and this is one of the best! It looks just like a postcard! By the way, I've Photoshopped myself into all 31 days of the photos you've dumped to my computer. It's almost like being there.

Posted by: Dave2 on June 18, 2004 03:31 PM

thanks :):)
I think it's so good because I borrowed dad's polarising filter. I've taken a few photos here and there with it and they turn out really well. Unfortunately at full wide angle you can just see it in the corners of the photos - doh!

Posted by: kazza on June 18, 2004 03:38 PM