June 16, 2004

Osoyoos to Wenatchee

Ross Dam, near Cascades National Park

Wow what a day. From being pissed at the parents to being searched at the US border to meeting a blogger from another country.

Well the parents thing is just the usual, they make me wait for an hour, but as soon as they're ready I can't keep them waiting or it's the end of the world. sigh.

So after that it was time to cross the border back into the United States. Now we wanted to claim back the GST on our motel stays, and you have to do that at the border. But we weren't sure where to go, and mum was driving, and suddenly we realised we were across the border. Not knowing what to do or how to turn around, mum reversed *back* into Canada and stopped in a parking bay, that was obviously not really meant for people doing what we were doing. So, knowing that our behaviour had already looked suspicious, I stayed with the car while the parents went off to find the gst rebate centre. Ten to fifteen minutes went by. While I was waiting I got out of the car and took a photo of the pillar that marked the boundary between Canada and the US. I waited a while longer. Giving up, I left the car and went into the gst rebate centre to find the parents. Having finally finished up there, we got back into the car and drove across the border. Well apparently the US customs people were rather freaked out. They pulled us aside and we had to get out of the car and go into their office while they obviously ran checks on our ids, and they did a complete search of the car. I wasn't too worried, we hadn't done anything wrong, aside from getting confused, and we had nothing to hide. But the fact that we reversed back over the border, that I took a photo on government property, and that we had "abandoned" our car just made them a little freaked out. So I had no doubts that we'd get through. I did however feel somewhat rattled as we drove off afterwards. All that fuss because Mum missed a turn somewhere. What does worry me is what might happen if I ever come to the US again. Will there be a flag against my name forever saying I should be checked out thoroughly from now on? It's all right for the parents, they're not likely to be back again. Oh well, can't do anything about it now.

The only plan for the rest of the day was to drive up into the North Cascades National Park. We had a fantastic day for it, beautiful blue skies, snow on the mountains, lush green undergrowth on the sides of the hills. It was great.

On the way back we decided we'd probably be at Wenatchee for dinner/the night, so I gave Dave a call, and organised to meet up for dinner. Which we did. I was very excited about meeting him, he's the first blogger I've ever met (aside from people I already know in real life), and in another country, in the middle of nowheresville at that. We had dinner in a place run by a friend of his (I can't remember the name) and then chatted about the internet and blogging and travelling and all that sort of thing for a couple of hours. Thanks for dinner Dave, it was lovely to meet you :):)

Posted by kazza at June 16, 2004 04:56 PM

But enough about me... what did you think of my motorcycle? :-)

Posted by: Dave2 on June 17, 2004 08:39 AM

oh it was very swooshy. Pity I didn't get to ride it :( You'll have to get a spare helmet you will :)

Posted by: kazza on June 18, 2004 01:03 PM