June 14, 2004

Vancouver to Lytton

Vancouver skyline from Stanley Park

The parents decided that we should head into town very early, do some sight-seeing, then come back out to go to church. Hrm. Early starts don't agree with me. So anyway. Mum drove, Dad navigated. Mum hit the kerb. Dad freaked and started stressing mum out. Mum freaked and refused to drive anymore. *sigh* So I ended up driving round Stanley Park. This time we paid for an hour of parking so we could stop wherever we liked. Replaced some of yesterday's rainy photos with some better ones. We even saw a few raccoons, which I don't think I've ever even *seen* before, let alone in the "wild". Then we headed up to the West Vancouver Presbyterian Church. The "sermon" barely mentioned the Bible at all. I've certainly been spoilt in the past 8 years with solid Bible-based teaching. It makes going to other churches a very strange experience. Like wishy-washy talks that don't explain the Bible at all.

I also decided today I am much happier driving in cities/traffic than at high speed on the open road. The parents are the opposite - they much prefer the open road to cities. Bizarre stuff. Guess it's what you're used to, I drive in traffic all the time.

After church we sat for a while trying to decide whether we'd go east or north to Whistler. Noone had much of an opinion so we sat for quite a while. Finally I said I had a vague interest in seeing Whistler, so that's where we went. The drive up was very pretty. Whistler itself is a cute town too, and huge, for a ski resort. The town planning leaves a lot to be desired though. There's no on-street parking and we drove around in circles for ages before finally finding a parking station, that didn't charge to park there! Miracle.

The only plan for the rest of the afternoon was to get to Lytton where we thought there might be the "triple bridge" - two railway bridges and a road bridge crossing a river. We didn't find it, and it was kinda strange coming into the same town that we were in a week ago, but from a different direction. Like a crossroads. We're going to have another go at finding the bridges tomorrow morning. Staying at a cute little motel, I think we're only one of a couple of people staying here - when we checked in, all but one of the keys were on their rings!

Four weeks down and two weeks to go. Getting there :)

Posted by kazza at June 14, 2004 04:04 PM