June 13, 2004

Malahat to Vancouver

The ferry we caught back to the mainland

This morning was the longest morning of the entire trip. After sleeping in a bit at the Ocean View Motel (not actually an ocean view, more like an inlet view, and after an odd night on a sofabed that wasn't exactly horizontal), we had no real destination in mind. It was very grey, and the weather forecast wasn't promising. We had a vague notion of going north, so that's where we headed. But when we were approaching Nanaimo Dad was pissed off the world badly and was in his usual stroppy "what do you want to do?" mode. I swear he is the most negative person I know. I can see where I get some of my negative traits from, he has them in the extreme, and it makes me want to improve myself to not be like that.

So the thought was to perhaps see a couple of lakes around Nanaimo, as the coastline didn't look very promising in the rain. One of them wasn't bad, but we had trouble with useless maps and Dad's bad mood, so the other couple we looked at were basically just a drive-by.

I was a bit sad that we didn't get to do some of the other things to do on the island. But of course Dad hates doing anything that "gives them money". Sheesh he'll spend a fortune on film processing and petrol, but not on anything that might vaguely resemble entertainment.

All that remained was to have lunch and catch the 3:00 ferry back to Vancouver. Once we had a purpose things improved a bit. The ferry trip was very grey and blustery. The arrival at Horseshoe Bay would have been beautiful on a clear day. It was still pretty spectacular, but just grey and dark grey.

The only other plan for the day was to drive around Stanley Park in Vancouver. The rain was heavier now, and there were a *lot* of people driving around the park, especially the western end, which appeared to be a short cut into the city. Also, the entire park has paid parking. You can't stop *anywhere* without having paid first. Bit ridiculous if you ask me. We still stopped at a few places, but it was very wet and grey. I navigated us back to the motel and am channel surfing while the parents are off getting us tv dinners for dinner. Just found Star Trek II woohoo :)

Posted by kazza at June 13, 2004 02:05 PM