June 13, 2004

Vancouver to Some Place on Vancouver Island

A rose in Butchart Gardens

Well today began grey and unpromising. The weather forecast had rain for the next four days. So we decided to head over to Vancouver Island anyway and hope for the best.

To get to the island we took one of the BC Ferries ferries from south of Vancouver. We were a bit nervous about it though because maintenance workers have been threatening to go on strike. We may end up stranded on the island or have to get a US ferry back to the US mainland, which will be a pain, as we still have things to see in Canada. We'll see how we go.

So the ferry ride was pretty cool. Took an hour and a half, and we had lunch on board. Nothing particularly eventful happened, unless you count the sun starting to break through.

Highest on the priority list for the island was Butchart Gardens. Let me tell you, it's well worth the $19 entry fee (at least if you like flowers anyway :) ). The floral displays were phantasmagorical. We ended up spending nearly three hours there. Which was a good thing that we ended up deciding not to go on an organised tour - they only get one, maybe one and a half hours max there. I took I think over 100 photos! (I haven't downloaded them yet).

By then it was after 4pm, so we wandered down the east coast and ended up in Victoria eventually. We stopped in a pay-public car park while trying to organise where we were going to stay the night. After the parents had organised something, we thought we'd wander around the harbour for a bit. But the parking area was $1.50/hour to park there. I thought we should pay, but the parents didn't want to pay it, and decided that at 6:30 on a Friday night noone would be around to book them anyway. Well I said to them if we got a fine I was *not* paying it - they could by themselves. So we wandered off around the place. But when we got back, guess what, there was a fine (which had been put there about five minutes before we got back to the car). It was actually only $15, which is a lot better than I thought it would be, but the parents started blaming each other, which rather upset mum. sigh. Dinner was a bit strained of course though.

Finally arrived at the motel in the middle of nowhere around 9:30. My bed is a sofabed, but it is in a separate room to my parents, so depending on whether they come out to the kitchen in the morning, I may actually get a decent mornings sleep. We'll see though. The view from the motel is probably the best we've ever had - a glass sliding door view over the balcony to a bay and mountains. We've had mountain views before, but always over car parks or roads or other rooms. This is completely uninterrupted and private. Very cool.

No internet tonight though, as no phone in the room. Oh well.

ps, even though there was no phone in the room, I just found an RJ11 socket, and it was active! nyuk nyuk will upload a photo later

Posted by kazza at June 13, 2004 01:12 AM