June 11, 2004

Vancouver to Vancouver

Canada Geese by Como Lake

Rainy days are expensive! Well they are when you go shopping half the day.

So today started off cloudy with the threat of rain, so we decided to head downtown to have a look around the city. First we dropped the car off at a servo to have its oil changed, then we caught the sky train into town. First stop was "Gastown", the equivalent of the Rocks in Sydney. Took photos of a steam-powered clock.

Next stop was the Harbour Centre Lookout. I love going up towers. I have a thing for elevation. Took a stack of photos, even though the weather was closing in.

After lunch Mum wanted to go souvenir hunting for people, so I joined in and got a bunch of crappy type things. Souvenir hunting was long and hard on the feet. We headed back to pick up the car and go back to the motel.

While the mother type person was fiz-gigging around I went channel surfing, and eventually found the second half of a TNG episode. After watching fifteen minutes of it, the parents decide they are ready and it's time to go. I don't think so. They made me wait around for an hour, they could wait another 15 min for me. So that's what I did :) It was the one where some dude programmed himself into Data's brain and tried to take him over.

The mission was to find Como Lake. We drove around it at least twice before finally finding it. At first I thought it was cool because it had flocks of Canada Geese around it. But flocks of geese mean piles of goose poo. It was *everywhere* :( Spent five minutes just cleaning it out of the tread of my shoes *bleach*

After dinner (Denny's for the first time in ages), Dad wanted to buy chippies. So we went to the mall across the road. This was a mistake. First we went into wal-mart and spent ages wandering around, then into a bunch of other shops as well. Finally got out of there well over an hour after we went in. Dad was complaining about it, and I said, well what do you expect when you take us into a mall to buy a packet of chips ! :)

Posted by kazza at June 11, 2004 03:34 PM

WOW - from the pictures it really looks like you are having my kind of holiday! well, most of it anyway lol.

Posted by: paul on June 12, 2004 04:24 PM