June 09, 2004

Golden to Kamloops

Reveltoke Dam

Got a pretty decent nights sleep last night. This is after last night going to bed at 10:30 when it was still well and truly light outside. It was like a early-mid dusk lighting, totally weird. Mind you, we were about as west as you could get in the Mountain Time Zone, and nearly as far north. This morning we went back in time an hour and things are much more civilised tonight. It's 8:30, and while the sun hasn't set, it's pretty close to it.

I was reminded this morning of another reason I'm not doing a lot of driving (or navigating anymore). Dad somehow manages to find a reason to find someone else to blame and give him a good excuse to get into a stroppy mood. When Mum is driving, he'll get upset when she doesn't read his mind and know when stop when he wants to stop. When he is driving he'll ask "do you want to stop here?" and get grumpy if he doesn't get the answer he wants. Or he'll say to the navigator "which way do I go?" when not actually telling us where he wants to go and so we can't actually give him an answer. He did this to me in Banff the other day when I wasn't technically navigating, I just happened to be following the map in the back seat to see where we were, and he starts yelling at me to tell him which way to go, and I didn't even know where he *wanted* to go. So after that I resigned and now I just sit in the back seat and watch the scenery :)

So to today. The two national parks we drove through were Glacier National Park and Mount Revelstoke National Park. Glacier had a bunch of history on the trans-Canada railway, and even an old part of the track you could walk down and see the remains of an avalanche protection sheds. There was a memorial for about 50 railway workers that died in 1910 in an avalanche as they were trying to clear the track of snow from an earlier, smaller avalanche that had covered the track. The prettiest part of Revelstoke NP was the Giant Cedars Nature Trail, walking through a forest of big old cedars.

In the afternoon (after lunch at 2:30pm), I put a couple of memory cards in for cd burning, and we thought we'd have a look at the Revelstoke Dam while we were waiting. We ended up spending well over an hour there and went on their little tour. It's pretty sad now the security they have to use - no bags, cameras, or purses - all in response to 9/11. Before then you could wander through the place any way you pleased. The world certainly has changed.

Picked up my cds and then headed west. Drove by some very pretty lakes and rural areas before arriving in Kamloops after 8pm. Kamloops has cheap MaGlobe dialup here, so hopefully I can get onto it.


got on. Catching up with days of email, blah! :)

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