June 09, 2004

Saskatchewan Crossing to Golden

Mum, me and Dad reflected on a metal ball at Lake Louise

Well the sun came out today on both my mood and the mountains.

It felt like a day of reruns. Peyto Lake for the second time, Bow Lake for the second or third time, Lake Louise for the third time. Same family of black bears for the third time, this time in full sunlight and noone else there to scare them away, so hopefully some good photos.

After doing Banff National Park to death we headed west through Yoho National Park. More mountains and more lakes.

I love the zoom on my camera. It's still not as good as Dad's detachable 300mm zoom lens (mine's only 200mm equivalent), but it's still a whole lot better than my last camera. I've gotten some great photos of birds and animals and even scenery with it.

Everywhere we've been in the past week has had promotions and banners for supporting the Calgary Flames hockey team. And tonight the final of the Stanley Cup is on, and we find ourselves watching it and rooting for Canada to win.. hehe.. it just finished.. Tampa Bay won it. Oh well :)

Having all sorts of trouble trying to get online tonight :( After figuring out that this motel uses 8 to get outside instead of 9 the modems won't handshake. May not get on tonight at all, blah.

Posted by kazza at June 9, 2004 04:08 PM

easily one of my fav pics of your trip.... it's just a great wacky pic!! right up my street lol

Posted by: paul on June 14, 2004 08:55 PM