June 02, 2004

Idaho Falls to Missoula

Indian Tunnel - lava tunnel in Craters of the Moon National Monument

The motel room is so big it echos! Truly frightening. And it was cheaper than we've normally been paying. Pity it's 10:30pm and we won't be up at all to enjoy it, as we only just checked in and it's bed time...

So today. Over 400 miles of driving, a trip record.

We started in Idaho Falls and went down to the Snake River to look at the dual level river with a weir running on a diagonal the whole way down. Very unusual and quite pretty.

The only thing we stopped for today was the Craters of the Moon National Monument. It was amazing! I didn't think there'd be much there, and it was certainly off the tourist beaten track. But you can walk out on 2000-year old (recent) lava flows and climb cinder cones and climb down into lava tunnels. The textures and colours in the rocks was totally incredible. I'm so glad we went.

Aside from that all we did was drive today. But we were on pretty roads rather than the main thoroughfares, so it was really interesting. It's how I imagined USA road trips should be - driving through canyons and forests and beautiful logging villages and over mountains and across endless plains. Today had everything, it was great! We also crossed the 45 degrees north parallel, the furthest north any of us have ever been.

The only problem was it was all very long and we were all very tired by the end of it. 10pm and it was still light though, very strange.

I'm going to download my photos tomorrow so I'm not up too much later than Dad, otherwise he'll wake me up too early. Instead he can wait for me while I catch up on all that I need to do :) So expect a photo of the day tomorrow morning.

Posted by kazza at June 2, 2004 03:06 PM