June 01, 2004

West Yellowstone to Idaho Falls

Grand Teton mountains over Jenny Lake

Day three at Yellowstone National Park. Beginning at some cute mud *blips*, and take three at Old Faithful, with the best weather for it yet. Then a rerun of West Thumb geyser area before heading south into Grand Teton National Park. Amusing name - apparently the three main mountains were originally called Les Trois Teton - meaning Three Breasts in French. So now the park appears to be called Big Breasts. Yay. :)

The Grand Teton range is spectacular. A lovely river valley ends all down one side with a steep range of mountains that towers something like 5000 feet over the valley. It's really best in the morning though, so our afternoon photos weren't great.

My parents are totally crazy. Every time we pull out of a lookout stop or whatever, they complain bitterly if anyone gets in front of them - especially the big RVs (motorhomes). I just don't get it. We're stopping every five minutes anyway and so are they, yet they will still complain about it and even try to get past them. Pretty tragic really.

We then pushed onto Idaho Falls and arrived at 8:30, after driving through some very pretty countrysides and forests. One thing about Yellowstone is that the whole western side of the park was devastated by a bushfire in 1988, and while there are now small trees growing up, there is still miles and miles of dead trees marring the landscape. Driving over the border between Wyoming and Idaho was through the Targhee National Forest which was just gorgeous, and probably what Yellowstone should have looked like.

After dinner and suddenly it's 10pm !? How did that happen?

Posted by kazza at June 1, 2004 02:50 PM

I feel for ya, it would be very difficult for me to take a picture-taking-and-driving vacation, I'd rather my parents in smalle doses also. A few years back in July '02, I took Dad's Silver Bullet on a grand picture-taking-and-driving tour on the Outer Banks, since I drove Jo-Jo's van. I was gone a little longer than originally noted. (like 10 hours longer) I hadn't the house number or a cellhone with me to call anyway. When I got back to the beach house right at dusk, everyone was sitting on the porch waiting for me, as if a grown man of 28 years needed.... -ah well- you get the point.

Posted by: JC on June 2, 2004 11:16 AM


Still online longer than I thought I would be - the parents are still up planning the next few days, so I can stay up and catch up with stuff! :)

Posted by: kazza on June 2, 2004 03:10 PM