May 31, 2004

West Yellowstone to West Yellowstone

Old Faithful geyser erupting

Another Yellowstone day today. This time the plan was to go straight to Old Faithful geyser (after we woke up to blinding sunlight and brilliant blue sky). We got a bit distracted though - firstly by baby bison, then a very pretty looking Midway Geyser Basin, and then by some elk just lazing on the side of the road.

By the time actually got to Old Faithful, it had completely clouded over and was even snowing a bit. So when it erupted half an hour later the photos were pretty awful - white water and steam against a white sky background. I did manage to get a very cool mpg though as it was just starting to erupt.

After the eruption we wandered around the rest of the hot springs and geysers in the area, but it was very cold, and I'd left the rest of my cold weather gear in the motel. In the end we decided to leave, but I wanted to grab some food first. So we did that, but then it was almost time for the next eruption, and wonder of wonders, there was actually some blue sky and sunlight! Not a lot, but it did make photos of the second eruption a bit nicer.

So then we then wandered anticlockwise around the park, through patches of snow and sunlight. Eventually we ended up in Mammoth Hot Springs, with some very pretty and intricate terraces and springs. Definately worth seeing.

And then back to the motel via an Italian place in town for dinner.

I was planning to be in bed by 9:30 last night, but Dad left this documentary on the Discovery Channel on, and Mum and I were stuck watching it long after Dad went to sleep. But it turned out to be a 2 hour documentary that finished at 11pm!! Not happy Jan! *Need* to get to sleep earlier than that tonight!!

Posted by kazza at May 31, 2004 01:56 PM