May 31, 2004

Cody to West Yellowstone

Lower Falls on the Yellowstone River

I actually got up before the parents this morning! Only just though, I wanted to wash my hair.

From Cody we headed west up towards Yellowstone National Park. On the way we stopped at Buffalo Bill dam. The most amusing thing about it was they are literally on the dam, but they had no flushing toilets - because there was nowhere for them to put the sewage.

When we arrived at Yellowstone, there were signs up everywhere saying snow tyres or chains were required to enter the park on that road. Tense moment as we wondered what we'd do without them, but as it turns out, the car has snow tyres! Go figure. So what makes a snow tyre? We have no idea. But the good news is, we could enter the park. Sighs of relief breathed all around.

As we headed up into the park it started to rain and the visibility was terrible. We worried that the whole day would be like this. We watched the thermometer as the external temperature dropped and dropped and then we realised that the rain was actually snow! Now living in Sydney I rarely see snow - usually it's only when I go skiing that I ever see it. And I've only ever seen snow falling twice - once the last time we went to America in 1983, and again in 1997 in the Australian alps, but that was at night. Snow being a big novelty for me put me in a very good mood. We stopped a couple of times basically just to play with it! I don't remember ever playing with such fresh snow - it felt wonderful to touch.

We took a few photos of lakes, and plenty of photos of hot springs and geysers. We also climbed down 328 steps to get a good view of the "Lower Falls" of the Yellowstone River. And them climbed back up them again :)

We decided not to Old Faithful today, the weather was too unpredictable and it was getting late, so we left the park (after being held up in two separate traffic jams - one for people rubbernecking at bison, and the other because bison and the calves were wandering across the road), had dinner in West Yellowstone (Chinese again), and checked into the motel. My face got sunburnt today - which isn't supposed to happen with thick black clouds and snow! But the clouds were thinner for much of the day. Doh!

No local internet access here, and I couldn't be bothered dialling up tonight (it's Sunday in Sydney, noone will be online anyway), but may diallup tomorrow. We'll see. I'm planning to be asleep by 9:30.

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