May 29, 2004

Gillette to Cody

Bighorn Canyon, Montana

I tell you what, you wouldn't want to be superstitious today - it's day 13 of our trip, and we've just checked into room 113 of Super 8, Cody. heh.

Well the day started well for two reasons - firstly I was allowed to sleep in til just before seven. Not quite a full nights sleep, but certainly better than previous efforts. Then in the car we put on Harry Potter again and listened to it at a decent volume. We also had a very slow start to the morning, not leaving Gillette til nearly 10am.

I tried again, mostly unsuccessfully, to get photos of Pronghorn Antelope, but I think all I got were spots. Oh well. Spent most of the morning just driving, arriving in Lovell for a late lunch.

In the afternoon we stopped into the Little Bighorn visitors centre and ended up staying and watching this video called "Cloud" about this white horse in the Arrowhead Mountains. Not a very productive way to spend an hour, but it was a nice video and made for a relaxing interlude to the day. Then we actually went up into the canyon, which was quite spectacular, although the photographs will look rather boring as the weather was completely clouded over. Dad played the bighorn sheep and went around the side of a rather steep cliff to get a photo, while Mum and I watched on nervously.

Arrived into Cody around 6pm and checked in. The motel receptionist wasn't very friendly. It's funny staying in different places each night and seeing different styles of reception, and comparing one off another. Last night's girl was friendly and efficient. The one before that was slow and unfriendly, as was the one tonight. Silly really. Maybe I'm just getting critical in my old age. Oh wait, I always was critical.

Good news is I have local internet access here, although probably not for the next two nights.

Posted by kazza at May 29, 2004 01:06 PM