May 28, 2004

Rapid City to Gillette

Devil's Tower, Wyoming

Well I had hoped that Dad may have grown up a little overnight, but alas he was still just as childish and petulant this morning. *sigh*

After much stuffing around (by aforementioned father being childish) we finally headed east out to the Badlands. Quite a strange landscape, almost lunar, although with a lot more colour.

I had to laugh as we drove out there though - I must have seen about a hundred signs to Wall Drug. At least every half a mile between Rapid City and Wall there was a sign. I've never seen *anything* advertised so much by the roadside. Very strange indeed.

So we headed back to Rapid City for lunch, stopping in a rather huge mall. Here I thought I'd be able to get some of photos burnt to cd. But it turns out you can only burn on the average of 50 photos befure they start charging you excess cds. How ridiculous is that ?!? I had 688 megabytes of photos to burn but couldn't find anywhere to do it. Was rather peeved.

A bright note though was that I bought the new Harry Potter soundtrack to listen to in the car. The song "Double Trouble" has a whole new verse!! Wonder if I can find the mp3 of it...

So anyway, we headed west back into Wyoming and went up to the Devil's Tower. It is fantastic, you should go see it if you're anywhere near. Spent quite a long time there, walking all around it and watching all the climbers. We had really good weather for it too - we'd had good sunshine in the morning for the Badlands but then it had clouded over and it was actually raining outside of Rapid City. But then the sun came back again and it was beautiful again. Go figure.

As we were leaving Devil's Tower, the parents went to the gift shop, and as we were leaving we saw a tourist one hour photo place. So we wandered over and asked them if they burnt cds - and they did! It was a bit more expensive - $15, but she was quite happy to download the contents of both memory cards and burn them all to one cd. Actually she really didn't know her way around her computer, it was quite funny. But anyway, one cd down, about 20 to go :)

Another very late night tonight. Have stopped in Gillette and it's 11pm and I haven't downloaded my photos yet! Fraggle!

Oh if anyone ever goes to Mount Rushmore, can you see if they have rulers with photos on them? I have a collection of them, and I remembered today to look for them, but it was too late to see if Mount Rushmore had any.

Posted by kazza at May 28, 2004 03:14 PM