May 27, 2004

Custer to Rapid City

Mount Rushmore

I truly hate my father. I mean completely and utterly. He's the most pathetic person I know. People that know me know that I *never* swear. He made me swear today. Twice actually. The f-word. Forever after I'm going to have bitter memories of Crazy Horse memorial.

It was a pretty sucky day all round actually. It started by me only getting about 5 hours sleep. I woke up around a quarter to five then couldn't get back to sleep, and didn't want to get up and go to the loo or get a drink because I was worried about waking up dad, and then he'd get up and I'd *never* get back to sleep. I think I may have dozed off briefly, but not properly.

The weather was absolutely perfect this morning. Absolutely clear blue skies. So we thought we'd head out to Crazy Horse. Well the sun wasn't on it - it's angled for afternoon photos. So we went straight onto Mount Rushmore. On the way though I thought I'd lost the sun hood for my camera - I took it off yesterday in the caves, and thought I'd put it in my bag. I couldn't find it in there though so I was pretty upset about it. It would be just about impossible to replace while I was away - I'd have to order it from Sony most likley. So anyway, we got to Rushmore and it was fantastic. And the sky was absolutely perfect for photos. It was one of the things that I really wanted to see on this trip, and I'm so glad the conditions were good for it. So after almost two and a half hours there we went back to the car, and I searched through my suitcase and found the hood in the cable box I have for the camera and laptop. Major phew.

Pretty uneventful meander through some scenic roads and tunnels and lakes, and then the sky, and dad's mood, clouded over. I swear his mood is entirely dependant on how much cloud is in the sky.

So then Crazy Horse. Dad was pissed off with the world and went off in a huff. Mum eventually followed him into the orientation film, but I stayed outside, figuring I'd find them when it finished. I didn't. Even though we apparently were looking for each other we never saw each other. So they decided to go off on a little tour to get closer to the rock, and I was left for half an hour searching the building trying to find them. Of course I was pretty stressed out about the whole thing, and when they got back and I found out where they'd gone I was upset. So I'd missed both the film and the photo opportunity.

Things went downhill after that. I don't think I can even put into words how much of an idiot he is and how much I hate him. At least not in public anyway. Ended up cutting the day short and got to Rapid City and just checked into the motel at 5:30. Which suits me fine, as we could all do with an early night.

Oh yeah. American food sucks. My face is covered in zits from all the fat we've been eating. The thought of going out to find dinner tonight is not appealing, but I know if I don't get *something* to eat I'll wake up at 3am starving. Just what I need.

Posted by kazza at May 27, 2004 12:00 PM

Which F word? Flip or Fudge? ;-)

*Mental note to self* No more family holidays. :-)

Posted by: trainman on June 22, 2004 10:32 PM