May 24, 2004

Torrey to Vernal

On route 191 northbound through Utah

Well the day started so well, but by now has finished abysmally. There is still no mobile access (I had it very briefly when we crossed the I70 earlier today) and no local internet access. I'm beginning to think I'm never going to get onto the internet again this trip (until Rapid City at least) except in 25c/minute long distance motel rates.

So I went to bed early last night, around 10pm, and didn't get woken up til 7:30!! I was amazed. So the day already showed promise, and I was in a much better mood about life. Our first port of call was back to Capitol Reef National Park to explore the scenic drive we didn't see yesterday. What was meant to be a 20 mile scenic drive turned about to be a three hour venture, with an hour and a half long hike in the middle. So much for covering a lot of distance today. It's getting to be a case of one canyon looks pretty much like another, and we don't need to spend three hours confirming it. Didn't end up getting out of Torrey until after lunch. The car and everything inside also got covered in a fine layer of red dust from the dirt roads we drove up and down. I hope it doesn't get into the camera.

It's funny, we keep bumping into the same people on consecutive days. It's happened with three separate couples - we'll see them in one national park one day, and see them in another national park the next. Well I think it's funny anyway.

-- update --
just managed to connect on maglobe's toll free number, so I should be able to post tonight

Where was I? The afternoon. Driving. Headed north through the back roads of Utah. Didn't take too many photos, but there was some very pretty scenery. Also drove around a couple of rain storms, but somehow didn't get wet at all, go figure. Got to Vernal, checked into the Motel 6, and went for dinner at an all you can eat buffet that cost us $10 each. One of the biggest buffets I've ever seen, and even though it had a huge range of food, I guess you could describe it as all-american food, deep fried everything and fat dripping off the rest. Oh well, it's all good.

Had this bizarre dream last night that I had planned another trip to the USA with Pete (he was the guy I went on the last US trip with in 2000), except that it overlapped with my parents' trip, and so I was going to have to break off one to do the other. Then I woke up and was glad it was just a dream and that I wouldn't have to deal with that complication!

Decided lotus notes is too slow to use over a modem. I'll have to synchronise my mail file, but someone sent a 1 meg series of photos the day after I left, which will make it take forever. I'll synchronise when I have the cheap connection again - maybe in Rapid City.

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