May 24, 2004

Blanding to Torrey

Sipapu Bridge, Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah

Still in Hicksville, er, Torrey tonight. Still no mobile and no local internet.

The day began depressingly. Dad decided 6:30 on a Saturday was a fine time to get up and start making noise. I am so sick of getting woken up early I cried. And was bitter about it for the rest of the morning. Decided I am going to do all the rigmarole of downloading my photos in the morning and they can wait for me to be ready for a change. I'll go to bed earlier than Dad and we'll see how we go.

So today. Our first stop was Natural Bridges National Monument. Three natural bridges and three solid hours of straight up and down hiking later. Almost five hours in the park essentially for three photos. Still, I guess it's good for the waistline - having an elevated heart rate for so long is sure to have burnt off some fat.

After that we drove round the back end of Glen Canyon dam, which was spectacular - beautiful canyon driving and wonderful lookouts, canyons that looked like slag heaps from mining and lunar landscapes. This is how road trips should be.

We think we saw a dead body this afternoon. There was a campervan stopped in the middle of the road, and we could see some legs sticking out of the drivers side door. We just thought it had broken down, and the dude was under the front, or under the steering wheel or something. But as we drove past we saw the guy's face was covered in blood. There was a park ranger that looked like he had been there a short while flagging us past. We figured he must of been dead because noone was giving him first aid. It was really strange because it wasn't a car accident, as there was no damage to his van. All we could think of was perhaps a road range incident, as he was stopped next to an intersection. It would also explain why he was partly out of his van. It was very disturbing. I've never seen a dead body before. Well I've seen bits of bodies in the uni's anatomy and pathology museums, but not a whole complete dead body that's only just died.

Then in the afternoon (late) we drove through Capitol Reef National Park, which was very pretty. Another natural arch and another hours hike later, and we finally decided to call it a night and drive onto Torrey. Found the last motel in town not booked out, and went to a restaurant up the road for dinner. I swear my parents are the stingiest people I know. Dad wanted to go to Subway rather than a real restaurant because it was cheaper! Sheesh! We spent about $2 each last night on dinner at Taco Bell, I told them I think we could afford some real food. Especially since I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast thirteen hours ago except Pringles, Snickers, and other such crap junk food. So in the end we decided to go to the restaurant, and had the house pot roast, which was just *divine*. I think they ended up undercharging us anyway.

For the people reading this, how are my photos turning out? I only have the laptop to look at them on, and can't really tell how they're turning out - is the colour saturation ok?

I don't know how normal this is, but there's an awful lot of tornados around at the moment. I know summer is tornado season here, but they're even in New York state! Is that normal? At the moment we're still south of all the rain in the north of the country, but we'll probably heading up into that area in the next few days. Maybe it'll have cleared itself out somewhat there by the time we get there... hopefully .. :)

Posted by kazza at May 24, 2004 01:07 PM

The photos are looking pretty good—you have a talent for framing landscapes, I think.

Tornados are pretty common out in the midwest, but this time of year they can happen anywhere. Sometimes they even touch down right in the business district of the big cities. If it makes you feel any better, I've only heard on one person getting killed so far this year.

Posted by: Dennis on May 25, 2004 05:36 AM