May 19, 2004

Denver to Grand Junction

Spectacular rock formations in Colorado National Monument

OK so if I make it home alive and uninjured it'll be a miracle. We're all still getting left and right mixed up. My worst problem is drifting too far over in the lane - and we're all doing this - to align ourselves where we normally do in the lane means putting the car over the right hand line of the lane. The other problem is the blinker and wiper controls are reversed. I'm not having any problem with that, but Dad is constantly turning on the wipers when meaning to indicate. Mum is oversteering annoyingly; I shouldn't have shown her how to use the cruise control until she figures out how to use the car. Anyway.

So this morning we started late - Dad actually slept in which was a miracle. We jumped straight onto the I70 and headed west. Drove through some very pretty country, took a stack of photos through the car windows. We made a small detour on route 6 which took us up into some ski fields - Loveland ski resort, and Snake River ski resort. There was even one ski field that was open! I wanted to stop and do some skiing, but alas I was overruled. We also beat yesterday's altitude record - 11990' !

After lunch at subway , we continued on down the I70 and through a spectacular Glenwood Canyon, where the Colorado river, a trainline, and a split level four lane freeway all go down. Another big lot of photos from the car, and finally got to touch the Colorado River.

The last visit of the day was to Colorado National Monument which has a beautiful scenic drive round some amazing canyons. Unfortunately it was a bit overcast, so didn't get too many really good photos, but still took lots anyway :)

Decided to call it a day at Grand Junction, and had Denny's for dinner. We had to have Denny's - in 1983 when we went to America we had Denny's most nights, so we of course had to go back :)

The weather has been very hazy the last couple of days and tonight we found out a possible reason why - apparently there's been some big fires in Arizona. It's possible the smoke from them has been make everything hazy. Maybe.

Posted by kazza at May 19, 2004 02:48 PM