May 18, 2004

Denver to.. er.. Denver

Rocky Mountains reflected over Bear Lake, Rocky Mountains National Park, Colorado

Well we didn't get very far today, even though we went a long way :)
The mission this morning was to find a mobile phone number, and some more memory for my camera. Both had potential to fail, but ultimately we succeeded. SMSed me little brother (it was 2am there) and he smsed me back straight away :) It was established that my credit card won't work here, probably because I have a nonstandard number, but it works fine at an ATM so I withdrew some cash. While wandering around town we took some photos of what could be the Civic Building or may have been the Mint, will have to check that up later.

Our next stop after checkout was to pick up the hire car. A few moments figuring out how to work the seat controls and we were off. In Boulder we stopped at a Target to get an esky, and by the time we'd finished it was somehow 12pm, so we decided to stop for lunch. So the whole morning gone and we'd gone about 20 miles.

The afternoon began in earnest, heading north to Estes Park and the Rocky Mountains National Park. After stopping at the visitors centre it was established that we should take the shuttle up to Bear Lake, which we did and it was very pretty. Then back down again and up another mountain road to Rainbow Curve which, at over 10560 feet is the highest I've ever been on the ground. With light failing, we decided to head to where we thought we'd be staying for the night. We missed a turnoff and head a bit of a way out of our way which didn't help (although we did drive through a very pretty canyon in the process) But by the time we reached Golden/Lakewood, we'd had enough (and trying to find a simple shopping centre accessible easily from the main road is next to impossible). We ended up pulling into what vaguely looked like shops and asking directions. After stopping into a "super" Target - the biggest single store I've ever seen, with 32 checkouts! - we asked and found there was actually an entire mall hidden behind the Target, so we had dinner there. We were all very tired by this point and decided to head back into Denver to find a Motel 6 for the night. Got here around 10:30pm, and we still haven't gotten out of Denver! Going to be a long day tomorrow!

Posted by kazza at May 18, 2004 03:24 PM

That place looks incredibly beautiful. I envy you.

Posted by: Richard on May 20, 2004 05:35 AM